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design features beam ends are made from extra heavy gauge steel they feature a three prong connection which assures positive beam to post alignment along the 8-1/2 length of the connector and uniform load distribution the greater the load the tighter the connection tabs extend along the face of the beam to provide extra protection to the prongs during transit and installation pallet rack heavy duty beam end connector a unique recessed safety key made from heavy gauge steel engages a slot in the side of the post it resists an upward force from material handling equipment up to 1000 pounds it is an integral part of the beam assembly can be engaged easily without tools and is clearly visible for checking beam locking key for safety all beams have a step for the purpose of accepting accessories two step sizes are available 7/8 and 1-5/8 high a continuous post roll formed into an m design for added strength slanted slots on the column allow for beam placement on 3 vertical centers slots on column sides accept the safety beam locking key the design allows for beams to be placed flush with the top or as close as 9 from the floor step down design upright column upright frame columns are securely mig welded together with channel type braces for maximum rigidity welded upright frame bracing foot plate a heavy gauge foot plate is securely welded to each post to provide load distribution over 13.7 square inches and two holes allow for floor anchoring from either side of the frame determining pallet rack needs a height measure the vertical dimensions of the pallet pallet load and beam add an extra 4 to 6 clearance between bottom of beam above and top of load on pallet top beam should be at least 6 lower than the maximum lifting height of your forklift b depth measure the depth of the pallet pallet should overhang the frame by 3 front and back example for a 48 deep pallet use a 42 deep frame c width measure the width of the load and pallet and use the greater of the two add 3 to 4 between loads and between loads and upright frames to determine correct beam length select beams with a capacity equal to or greater than the total load of each level see how to order beams on the pallet rack beam page d frame capacity add the total weight of all loads for each bay excluding the pallets on the floor a bay is the space between two upright frames e frame a common frame should be used between each bay 47