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vanguardtm specialty lockers wall mounted locker with coat rod a practical storage unit where space is at a premium four private compartments with a hanging area for 16 coats when wall mounted the floor below is kept clear for easy cleaning wall anchors are not included can also be se on counters or cabinets without coat rod 45 w x 18 d x 13-5/8 h cat no 68242 half height locker 1 tier available in 30-1/2 361/2 and 48-1/2 heights available in 12 15 and 18 depths 12 wide only 48-1/2 high lockers include a shelf for storage of books and small articles one high box locker this 12 wide individual one high box locker provides storage for personal items and features standard box locker construction with friction catch door pull actual overall height is 13-5/8 the executive the executive is a custom-outfitted 24 wide double door locker which offers such optional personal amenities as multiple storage shelves lockable inner storage compartment and combination comb brush tray with towel bar shown here with available classic iii stainless steel recessed handle and optional front and end bases it is especially appropriate for golf clubs other accessories available include golf ball tray acrylic mirror and name card holder for ordering information contact your penco representative a a dual lockers b a dual locker is a single tier locker with a vertical partition separating the area beneath the shelf into two compartments it is ideally suited for situations where street clothes and work clothes are to be kept apart it is generally used with lockers 15 or 18 wide and 18 or 21 deep guardian and invincible ii lockers can also be supplied as dual lockers c d c d 7 and 8 person lockers these efficient lockers are ideal for multiple user situations such as school gymnasium locker rooms the box compartments 18 w x 12 h are for permanent storage of athletic gear when a user is present the large locker 18 w x 60 h is used for street clothes b box over lockers provides a compact independent lockable door above a 60 high standard vanguard door if a shelf is required in the lower compartment it must be ordered separately 16 person locker accommodates 16 users in only 69 of floor space includes a 45 wide coat rod ideal for employee lockers accepts built-in locks or padlocks 69 w x 18 d x 72 h cat no 6579v box over lockers 72 high unit width unit depth cat no c 7 person locker unit width unit depth unit height cat no 12 12 12 15 18 18 12 15 18 15 18 21 6439v 6441v 6443v 6436v 6445v 6447v 36 36 18 21 72 72 6573v 6575v d 8 person locker unit width unit depth unit height cat no 54 18 72 6577v 64