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face to face true stories of life death and transformation from my career as a facial surgeon professor jim mccaul face to face takes us on a journey which includes the most high-tech and complex of microsurgical procedures as well as the facial reconstruction techniques pioneered during the first world war but at its heart are the human stories of the patients for whom this treatment is often quite literally a matter of life and death think how much of your identity and sense of self is vested in the face you see in the bathroom mirror every morning now imagine that face being so ravaged by cancer an accident a fall a beating a car crash or a gunshot wound that it is barely recognizable now imagine how it might feel if after surgery the person you remember but had given up all hope of seeing again is looking back at you from the mirror once more over the years maxillofacial surgeon jim mccaul has helped countless individuals make this journey this extraordinary book follows the

skin monty lyman an intimate journey around our outer covering skin explores the psychological physical and social importance of the body’s largest most obvious and yet most misunderstood organ in skin monty lyman takes us on a scientific journey around the largest organ in the human body he first explores the terrain of the physical skin picking out the facts from the fiction and giving a fascinating insight into the skin s many vital functions he takes us on a safari where we meet the many and varied microorganisms and bacteria which inhabit our skin many of which perform vital healthgiving functions and some of which can kill us along the way we learn things which will have the beauty industry scurrying for cover does our diet really affect our skin what makes the skin age and how can we slow the process is it possible to prevent hair loss and monty explores the intriguing hinterland between the skin and the mind from the pain and pleasure of touch to the physical effects

princess stepping out of the shadows jean sasson with more than 1.8 million copies sold across eight titles jean sasson s princess series has achieved remarkable success for more than 21 years written with princess al saud each book follows the extraordinarily glamorous life of this saudi princess her friends and her family but there’s a much darker more serious side to the princess series – the side which focuses on human rights abuses – and most particularly the appalling treatment of women in saudi arabia and with women very much in the headlines today and the saudi crown prince making his own headlines with his determination to modernise the kingdom stepping out of the shadows couldn’t be more relevant or timely in stepping out of the shadows jean sasson and the princess focus on how despite recent reforms such as women being afforded the right to drive unaccompanied saudi women still suffer horrific physical and psychological abuse with the

hello world how algorithms will define our future and why we should learn to live with it hannah fry hannah fry takes us on a tour through the good the bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us in hello world she lifts the lid on their inner workings demonstrates their power exposes their limitations and examines whether they really are an improvement on the humans they replace you are accused of a crime who would you rather determined your fate – a human or an algorithm an algorithm is more consistent and less prone to error of judgement yet a human can look you in the eye before passing sentence you need a liver transplant to save your life who would you want in charge of organ allocation an algorithm can match organ donors with patients potentially saving many more lives but it may send you to the back of the queue you’re buying a driverless car one vehicle is programmed to save as many lives as possible in a collision another promises to

make time how to focus on what matters every day jake knapp and john zeratsky from the new york times bestselling authors of sprint a simple fourstep system for improving focus finding greater joy in your work and getting more out of every day nobody ever looked at an empty calendar and said the best way to spend this time is by cramming it full of meetings or got to work in the morning and thought today i ll spend hours on facebook yet that s exactly what we do why in a world where information refreshes endlessly and the workday feels like a race to react to other people s priorities faster frazzled and distracted has become our default position but what if the exhaustion of constant busyness wasn’t mandatory what if you could step off the hamster wheel and start taking control of your time and attention that’s what this book is about as creators of google ventures renowned design sprint jake and john have helped hundreds of teams solve important problems by

untitled autobiography romesh ranganathan the hilarious life story of one of britain s best-loved comedy stars at the age of 9 romesh ranganathan delivered his first ever standup set at a pontin s holiday camp talent competition smashing the only other competitor a young girl playing the kazoo the gig went so well that romesh retired his comic genius for twenty two years hiding behind the guise of a maths teacher before finally revealing himself again no not like that at the tender age of 31 in 2010 ranganathan staged his epic comeback gig to an almost silent room and has since gone on to earn his place as the most indemand overweight vegan sri lankan comedian in britain now for the first time he tells the full story of how he got here from the delights of sri lankan hospitality to the race riots of crawley and the horrors of vegan cheese this is ranganathan s hilarious autobiography romesh ranganathan is a stand-up comedian and actor a former maths teacher he made his comedy circuit

fight to the finish the first world war month by month allan mallinson allan mallinson s highly-praised series in the times that chronicles the first world war month by month has been brought together and adapted into a unique and definitive single-volume history of the conflict allan mallinson one of britain s most accomplished and acclaimed military historians was commissioned by the times as part the newspaper s ongoing marking of the centenary of the first world war to write a series of features chronicling the progress of the war and britain s war in particular month by month based on these much praised features comprising 52 chapters in all and published in anticipation of the centenary of the cessation of hostilities on 11 november 1918 fight to the finish is a comprehensive and unique single volume history of the war to end all wars characterised by contemporary references and astute military comment born of the author s extensive experience as a professional soldier

ladbaby parenting for £1… and other baby budget hacks mark and roxanne hoyle top tips on how to hack parenting from facebook sensation ladbaby if you ve ever stood in the baby section of a department store and thought wtf how on earth can they charge £200 for a miniature wicker basket for my baby to sleep in then this is the book for you becoming a parent is a life-changingly brilliant brutal experience that s totally worth the hard work but why is it so expensive we re all warned that having a baby will push our bank balances to the limit but it s not until you re taking out a second mortgage to buy a buggy that you realise you have no idea what you ve let yourself in for if only there was a way to enjoy being a parent without every essential putting you further into your overdraft facebook sensations ladbaby have taken the internet by storm with their genius money-saving hacks and now they re ready to show you how you can do it too parenting for £1 and other

the ten-minute gardener a quick practical guide for growing fruit and vegetables val bourne a beautifully illustrated month-by-month guide to growing your own fruit and vegetables in just ten minutes for those who garden in snatched moments whether you have a spacious plot or a small patch in the garden this handbook is full of tried-and-tested tips from a seasoned old hand it offers practical month-by-month suggestions for making the most of the little time you can spare on both the coldest winter days and the long summer afternoons with ideas to inspire even the most experienced allotment gardeners focusing on the essentials needed to produce a great crop this is for those who want to but struggle to find the time to grow their own val bourne has been a fanatical gardener since the age of 5 in her twenties she worked in vegetable research and she has always grown her own fruit and vegetables without chemical use she has a large allotment and fruit and vegetable patches amongst her

infinite wonder an astronaut s photographs from a year in space scott kelly through the photos scott kelly took during his record-breaking year in space he shows us a world that most of us will never encounter but of which many of us dream what it’s really like to be a nasa astronaut the first photo book by the nasa astronaut scott kelly who spent a record-breaking year in space this is an awe-inspiring collection of the photos scott took himself while on board the international space station many of which have never been seen before scott kelly has seen the world in ways most of us never will during his record-breaking 340 consecutive days on board the iss scott kelly circled the earth 5,440 times witnessing 10,944 sunrises and sunsets – that’s 16 a day in all this time he posted just 713 photos on instagram but it’s not all sunrises sunsets and #nofilter through the photos kelly took during his time in space we are afforded a glimpse into a world that