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engineered for safety pentalift dock bumpers pentalift offers a wide range of molded and laminated loading dock bumpers dock bumpers protect the building from the impact as the vehicle is backed into position with many models sizes and designs to choose from the proper selection of dock bumpers will protect the facility and improve the aesthetics at the loading dock area molded dock bumper 4” projection 10” wide 13” or 18” high bumper extension bumper extensions are often installed at a declined approach to the loading dock extending the dock bumper projection prevents the top of the vehicle from contacting either the overhead door or the building wall 2” 4” or 6” projection as standard custom projections available available for molded and laminated bumpers molded l shaped bumper laminated dock bumper 4-1/2” or 5-1/2” projection 10” to 36” wide 10” or 20” high 4” projection 18” wide 18”