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engineered for safety pentalift led dock light pentalift led dock light offers simple and proven design with all the benefits of led functionality including significant energy efficiency and superior lighting volume and visibility for the dock attendant inside the truck pentalift led dock light design features provides more light to the front of a fifty three foot long tailer than a conventional incandescent dock light with a 150 watt bulb 16 w energy efficient uses 89 less energy than incandescent dock lights with a 150 watt bulb arm construction includes on-off switch and iec type receptacle wear resistant 3-conductor ac cord from arm plugs into standard 115 volt outlet 1 ½” square steel tube arms wrist-action zinc plated steel joints washers at all joints and bushings at bracket joints small profile minimizes potential for impact durable metallic housing and solid state light source housing constructed from durable low copper content cast aluminum with safety yellow