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engineered for safety pentalift hydraulic conversion kit pentalift equipment corporation is a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment the pentalift hydraulic conversion kit takes a structurally sound dock leveler and converts it to reliable safe fully hydraulic operation the conversion kit is an economical alternative to replacing an existing dock leveler this upgrade costs considerably less than the cost of fully replacing the existing dock leveler with a new hydraulic dock leveler and dramatically reduces down time and repair costs on existing dock levelers before after use on almost any make or model of mechanical or power assisted dock leveler eliminates problems with mechanical activating mechanisms including but not limited to holdowns lift spring mechanisms and lip activating mechanisms this conversion is suited for dock levelers for which the structural portion of the dock leveler is in good condition the dock leveler is converted to fully hydraulic operation simple

main components of pentalift hydraulic conversion kit push button control • • simple reliable push button operation nema 12 – wall mounted push button station facilitates simple basic operation protects against falling dirt circulating dust lint fibers filings and against dripping and light splashing of liquids other nema rated enclosures are available • • electro-hydraulic power unit incorporates internal filtration system and 1-1/2 hp totally enclosed non ventilated motor provides hydraulic flow and pressure to the pentalogic hydraulic control manifold simple and reliable even in the harshest applications hydraulic power units are available in all common single and three phase ac voltages tm pentalogic hydraulic control manifold operating every hydraulic function with only two moving parts the pentalogic hydraulic control manifold revolutionized dock leveler hydraulic control circuitry conventional hydraulic dock leveler control valve circuitry is