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pentalift low profile dock lift low profile surface mounted dock lift with over 30 years of experience manufacturing quality loading dock equipment pentalift is your single-source supplier for dock lifts loading dock levelers dock seals shelters vehicle restraints and much more engineered for

pentalift lpe dock lift design features the pentalift lpe dock lift is a surfaced mounted lift designed for increasing efficiency and safety in loading unloading trucks and trailers the design of the lpe unit ensures maximized stability and full use of the platfrom area during product transfer cylinder placement is entirely beneath the platform eliminating above platform obstructions common to other surface mount lift designs such as vertical or mast type cylinder arrangements that protrude through and obstruct full platfrom use the full use of the platform area and also provides the benefit of the capability to load unload in all four directions across the platform for greater flexibility efficiency and reduced product damage full use of platform due to no presence of cylinder towers or cylinder boxes osha compliant plated access chain prevents 42” high removable steel guard rail operator from falling c/w mid rail and 4” kick plate high tensile steel checker plate

exclusive pentalift hydraulic cylinder the lift cylinder is the heart on any hydraulic lift system pentalift’s exclusive design ensures the longest cylinder life reduces maintenance and eliminates oil spills here’s how it works pentalift’s pentaflow cylinder is completely sealed from the surrounding atmosphere and all components are continuously bathed in fresh oil contamination and deterioration of the cylinder cannot occur when the cylinder reaches full extension the bypass valve opens and allows oil to flow through the piston to the rod side of the cylinder out the port and back to the reservoir this prevents the cylinder from dead ending and building high stresses in the cylinder equipment structure and hydraulic system air in the cylinder is automatically removed through the bypass valve eliminating the need for manual bleeding which often results in oil spills and contamination note precision turned ground polished and chrome plated cylinder rod and

pentalift lpe dock lift facilitates easy installation and safe and efficient product transfer the pentalift lpe dock lift is surfaced mounted this facilitates easy installation and lower installation costs a pit is not required for installation of the lift push button control that allows the lift to be raised lowered and stopped anywhere in the operating range increases efficiency and safety in the loading unloading trucks and trailers as well it provides the flexibility to load unload an extremely wide range of trucks and trailers safety is increased by allowing a pallet trucks or carts to be used in conjunction with the dock lift to load and unload this eliminates unsafe lifting practices the travel course for the pallet truck or cart is flat this eliminates safety concerns related to ramps or significant inclines and substantial load weights on pallet trucks or carts without any means of braking our primary goal is to engineer and build the best products to ensure the ultimate