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exclusive pentalift hydraulic cylinder the lift cylinder is the heart on any hydraulic lift system pentalift’s exclusive design ensures the longest cylinder life reduces maintenance and eliminates oil spills here’s how it works pentalift’s pentaflow cylinder is completely sealed from the surrounding atmosphere and all components are continuously bathed in fresh oil contamination and deterioration of the cylinder cannot occur when the cylinder reaches full extension the bypass valve opens and allows oil to flow through the piston to the rod side of the cylinder out the port and back to the reservoir this prevents the cylinder from dead ending and building high stresses in the cylinder equipment structure and hydraulic system air in the cylinder is automatically removed through the bypass valve eliminating the need for manual bleeding which often results in oil spills and contamination note precision turned ground polished and chrome plated cylinder rod and “drawn over mandrel” precision honed barrels are standard on all pentaflow cylinders standard remote electro-hydraulic power unit oil under medium pressure port p oil from pump oil under low pressure port t oil to reservoir optional platform mounted power unit in enclosure remote power unit with integral oil reservoir totally enclosed motor incorporates nema 12 pre-wired control panel with motor starter power unit is completely assembled filled with oil and factory tested prior to shipment hydraulic fluid is mineral based oil comes with up down control pendant pentalift lpe dock lift models the following models and sizes are available model number lpe58 lpe510 lpe68 lpe610 lpe78 lpe710 lpe88 lpe810 platform size w x l 60 in x 96 in 60 in x 120 in 72 in x 96 in 72 in x 120 in 84 in x 96 in 84 in x 120 in 96 in x 96 in 96 in x 120 in note available in 4,000 lb 5,000 lb 6,000 lb 8,000 lb capacity all capacities provide 54” of vertical travel 4.000 lb 5,000 lb 6,000 lb models have a low height of 5 ¾” 8,000 lb model a low height 6” add ¼” to all low height’s if ordered with retaining cradles and wear plates side and end edge load capacities are 50 of lift capacity retaining cradles and wear plates are recommended for all installations and increase the end edge load capacity to 75 of lift capacity this design of dock lift is recommended for use with pallet trucks and push carts it is not recommended for use with fork lift trucks or powered loading equipment pentalift lpe low profile dock lift options • • • • • toe sensor bridge lengths up to 42 inches aluminum bridges split bridges portable dolly • • • • • power units up to 5 horsepower platform mounted power units platform mounted push button retaining cradles and wear plates coil cord for control pendant