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Pentalift Equipment Corporation
P.O. Box 1060
Guelph, ON N1H 6N1
CanadaP.O. Box 1510
Buffalo, NY 14240-1510
Phone: 866-492-1593
Fax: 519-763-2894
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Industrial Supply

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loading dock equipment with over 25 years of experience manufacturing quality loading dock equipment pentalift is your single-source supplier for loading dock levelers dock lifts dock seals shelters vehicle restraints and much more engineered for

pentalift equipment corporation pentalift is able to meet all of your needs with a wide variety of dock levelers vehicle restraints dock seals and shelters and other integrated loading dock safety products engineering excellence manufacturing quality and built-in safety features make pentalift the smart choice hydraulic dock levelers pentalift hydraulic dock levelers provide superior value through prolonged trouble-free performance they are designed to provide the highest level of safety through automatic push button operation the pentalogic hydraulic manifold revolutionized hydraulic control circuitry by eliminating multiple valve assemblies which can cause on-site adjustments oil leaks and hydraulic component failure pentalift dock levelers are designed to provide reliability safety and performance use the following link to go to the dock leveler page on the internet pentalift hydraulic dock levelers pentalift roll-off stop lip design mechanical

vehicle restraint systems pentalift offers a wide range of mechanical and automatic vehicle restraint systems designed to improve safety and prevent accidents at the loading docks the cost of an industrial accident at the loading dock can easily exceed $1,000,000 and result in increased insurance cost a range of models allow you to select the proper solution for your application all models have light and sign systems available to improve the communication between the dock attendant and the driver all safety conscious facilities should incorporate vehicle restraints use the following link to go to the vehicle restraint page on the internet rvr32 vehicle restraint system hfr32 vehicle restraint system lpr35 vehicle restraint system uhr40 hydraulic vehicle restraints dock seals and shelters pentalift manufacturers a complete range of foam and air inflatable dock seals as well as rigid flexible and air inflatable dock shelters all products are

dock lifts dock lifts are an excellent means of simplifying loading functions and creating safer working conditions where loading docks don’t exist or in conjunction with dock levelers to provide greater flexibility for a busy loading dock pentalift pitmounted and low-profile surface mounted dock lifts provide an increased service range eliminating the potential for unsafe loading operations due to severe height differences between ground level and the truck’s trailer bed safer and more efficient than loading by ramp or by hand use the following link to go to the dock lift page on the internet elevating-docks.htm hed series pit mounted dock lift lpe series surface mounted dock lift other loading dock equipment pentalift also provides a wide variety of other equipment to create an efficient secure and safe loading dock environment including truck levelers safety barriers wheel chocks dock lights and dock bumpers making pentalift your ideal single-source