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hydraulic loading dock levelers conventional and roll-off stop lip with over 30 years of experience manufacturing quality loading dock equipment pentalift is your single-source supplier for loading dock levelers dock lifts dock seals shelters vehicle restraints and much more engineered for

pentalift company information since 1983 pentalift has grown to be recognized as one of north america’s premier manufacturers of loading dock and dock lift equipment the simple business philosophy of manufacturing a quality product with user safety in mind continues to be our approach in the marketplace. pentalift’s continuing success in designing engineering and manufacturing loading dock solutions has gained pentalift an excellent reputation within the materials handling industry pentalift has a team of industry experts with extensive experience that stands ready to assist you with your most complicated applications

pentalift dock design information pentalift has developed a comprehensive loading dock design guide that can be found on our website www.pentalift.com safety-resources.php careful consideration should be given to all aspects when designing an efficient and safe loading dock below are some aspects of loading dock design to consider type of dock leveler • lodem is an industry group within mhi the material handling institute.the loading dock equipment manufacturers lodem members are the industry s leading suppliers of loading dock equipment they supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector • in the document created in this group titled what you always wanted to know about dock levelers on page 7 states the hydraulic option gives you more versatility than either mechanical or air dock levelers and typically would have lower service and maintenance costs hydraulic are preferred over mechanical and air activated dock levelers

pentalift series hd hydraulic dock leveler the pentalift series hd hydraulic dock leveler offers many beneficial operational and safety features these features are shown on the following pages 1 e 2 3 4 c 5 10 6 h d 7 g 8 f a b 9 model hd6835 shown series hd hydraulic dock leveler structural features 1 2 3 4 5 high-strength 4-way safety tread plate deck and lip assembly 55,000 psi yield full-width self cleaning heavy-wall hinge tube 70,000 psi yield gussets on lip and headboard hinge maximize support 3/8 thick 50,000 psi yield headboard with bridged gaps structural precision-formed c beams 65,000 psi yield specially designed beams allow pentalift to create and build the deck support with optimal strength-to-weight ratio for a dock leveler utilizing 10 beams assures an even load distribution and maximum deck support 6 central deck beam for added support of three wheeled vehicles 7 rear frame assembly features four vertical structural members with six points of even support for the

pentalift series hu ultima hydraulic dock leveler the pentalift series hu ultima hydraulic dock leveler provides the ultimate value in function and structure available in a dock leveler 1 5 4 6 h 2 7 e c 8 d 12 g 3 f 11 a b 9 10 model hu6845 shown series hu ultima hydraulic dock leveler structural features 45,000 lbs capacity 1 deck plate high-strength 4-way safety tread plate deck and lip assembly 55,000 psi yield 2 lip plate assembly high-strength safety checker plate lip assembly 1 rear laminated c/w 3/8 x 6 reinforcing plate 55,000 psi yield 3 full-width self cleaning heavy-wall hinge tube 2-1/2 od x 1-1/2 id 70,000 psi yield 4 3/8 thick gussets on lip and headboard hinge maximize support 5 3/8 thick 50,000 psi yield headboard with bridged gaps 6 i beam deck support 6 structural i beams 12 lbs per foot 7 central deck beam for added support of three wheeled vehicles 8 rear frame assembly features five vertical structural members with eight points of even support for

pentalift series hdrs roll-off stop hydraulic dock leveler roll-off stop feature further enhances safety at the loading dock pentalift s series hdrs roll-off stop lip hydraulic dock levelers feature all of the design structural and operational benefits of the hd and hu series pentalift hydraulic dock levelers shown in this brochure with the added safety enhancement of a roll-off stop lip the roll-off stop dock leveler is available in either the hd or hu series dock leveler configurations the roll-off stop lip is a formidable barrier it prevents lift truck roll-off from the loading dock whenever the dock leveler is in the parked positioned the roll-off stop lip also serves to protect roll-up doors on truck trailers positioned at the loading dock from impact and damage roll-off stop dock leveler lip features pentalift s offset hinge design automatically provides a barrier when the lip is parked in the vertical position the full width self cleaning piano-style hinge ensures ongoing

pentalift series hd,hu&rs hydraulic dock leveler operating features pentalift hydraulic dock levelers incorporate unique and important operating features to achieve the most safe and reliable operation available in a hydraulic dock leveler these operating features are described in more detail below a pentalogictm hydraulic control manifold operating every hydraulic function with only two moving parts the pentalogic hydraulic control manifold revolutionized dock leveler hydraulic control circuitry conventional hydraulic dock leveler control valve circuitry is comprised of several individual function valve assemblies their assemblies are constructed from many sub components increasing the potential of hydraulic component failure and oil leaks utilizing only two moving components the non-adjustable pentalogic hydraulic manifold eliminates all concerns related to on-site adjustment oil leaks or hydraulic component failure b hydraulic power unit incorporates internal filtration system and

lift cylinder placement pentalift vs other manufacturers other manufacturers pentalift other manufacturers position their lift cylinders as illustrated below during a fallsafe condition with the front tire of the forklift past the upper cylinder support point a dangerous teeter-tooter situation occurs the back of the deck is forced upwards and out of the rear frame in addition the positioning creates a mechanical disadvantage during fallsafe 1 stroke 4 deck drop other cylinders with the chrome plated piston facing downward are prone to surface damage and chipping leading to hydraulic seal failure for most effective support pentalift s lift cylinder is securely positioned at the junction of the deck and the structural headboard the base of the cylinder is connected to a structural cross member during a hydraulic fallsafe situation the fork lift will be completely supported between the cylinder position and the rear frame all generated forces are downward in the direction that all

pentalift hydraulic dock leveler control panels pentalift adds value by designing and assembling its own control panels in house at the factory to accommodate the interlocking of other dock equipment such as vehicle restraints overhead doors and inflatable dock seals shelters to create a safe and productive loading dock system please contact your pentalift representative for options available for your application simple basic operation • • • nema 12 – wall mounted push button station facilitates simple basic operation protects against falling dirt circulating dust lint fibers filings and against dripping and light splashing of liquids other nema rated enclosures are available optional auto return deck stop with independent lip control features auto return • this feature allows the leveler to automatically reposition itself back to the stored position • if a truck leaves the dock before the leveler is stored by the attendant the leveler will

pentalift hydraulic dock leveler options pour in place weatherseal this option simplifies installation and reduces costs in new construction applications a metal frame and pan encloses the dock leveler this allows the dock leveler to be placed into a recess in the foundation and to have concrete poured around it during the floor pour of the building installation welding is completed at the factory overall costs of installing the dock leveler are reduced substantially see www.pentalift.com/safetyresources.php pentalift loading dock design guide pg 20 for more details this option provides a rubber or brush weatherseal along the sides and rear of the dock leveler the weatherseal reduces the passing of outside elements cold heat or debris from outside into the facility by sealing the edges of the dock leveler against the dock leveler pit in addition brush weatherseal is effective in reducing the entry of vermin into the facility as well the weatherseal is provided with metal carriers as

safety at the loading dock the loading dock has been rated as one of the most hazardous areas of any facility to increase safety at the loading dock more and more companies are installing a combination of hydraulic dock levelers and vehicle restraints pentalift vehicle restraints not only lock the trailer in position they also provide clear communications between the truck driver and the loading dock attendants pentalift vehicle restraint systems pentalift manufactures and offers four styles of vehicle restraints the variety of designs provided suit almost any loading dock application and create a safe productive loading dock system all units can be interlocked to the dock leveler for increased safety contact a pentalift sales representative for additional information model rvr32 a raised face mounted off the ground design the front extension bar provides an operating range of 9” low to 25” high model lpr35 provides the same features and benefits of the hfr32 in addition

pentalift also provides a wide variety of equipment to create an efficient secure and safe loading dock environment in addition to the products shown in the photographs below pentalift also offers the following products including edge of dock levelers safety barriers wheel chocks dock lights and dock bumpers making pentalift your ideal singlesource loading dock equipment supplier pentalift mechanical dock levelers pentalift vertical storing dock levelers pentalift vehicle restraints see page 11 pentalift dock lifts pentalift dock seals and shelters pentalift truck levelers dock seals our primary goal is to engineer and build the best products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability paul pedersen president pentalift equipment corporation individual product catalogs are available and can also be found on our website pentalift also manufacturers a complete line of lift tables for your in plant material handling needs note some photos may reflect products with