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Catalog Pentalift Ultrahook UHR40-Under Dock Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint 2016

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pentalift ultrahook vehicle restraint system model uhr40 vehicle restraint safety system the ultimate vehicle restraint safety system engineered for

why the ultrahook uhr40 our competitors hope that you do not discover why the ultrahook uhr40 is properly positioned however for the ultimate in safety and reliability you should existing loading docks can be easily modified to accommodate an ultrahook uhr40 installation in most facilities the loading dock is the harshest and least considered area from a maintenance and cleanliness standpoint generally access to the loading dock operation is available to transport personnel not employed by your company and who are not trained or aware of your safety procedures and policies in an effort to get in and out of the dock area as quickly as possible safety procedures and policies can be compromised or ignored altogether even if the operation is only partially compromised a disastrous situation could occur resulting in an accident at your loading dock loading docks are a necessity selecting the safest vehicle restraint is a responsibility ultrahook uhr40 safety system design features the

pentalift ultrahook uhr40 communication system interior sign directs lift truck operator to load unload on green light signal only exterior high visibility deluxe lights and dual image safety yellow instruction light and signs provided as standard narrow width of signs facilitates easy installation between dock seal side pads nema 12 interior wall mount control station high visibility interior signal lights are coordinated with exterior signal lights clear concise and easy to follow instructions guide dock attendant on how to use the system amber light and selector switch to accommodate override mode combination control panel shown above combines the controls for all loading dock equipment into a single common panel and interlock dock equipment such as the vehicle restraint system hydraulic dock leveler overhead door and inflatable dock shelter this ensures proper use and sequencing of equipment for increased safety and ease of operation plc activation is standard ultrahook uhr40 is

installation placement positions the ultrahook uhr40 as the ultimate vehicle restraint system direct and indirect costs of an industrial accident at the loading dock can easily exceed $5,000,000 and result in increased insurance costs the ultrahook uhr40 vehicle restraint safety system reduces the potential for such an accident important safety equipment should not be affected by the elements commonly present at the face of every loading dock the fact that the ultrahook uhr40 is protected under the dock leveler as shown just below results in the following benefits benefits the under dock position of the restraint protects the restraint from adverse conditions on the outside of the dock area only the restraint arm is exposed to the external adverse elements at the loading dock the concerns highlighted below are eliminated eliminate damage and costly repairs to the restraint or snow removal equipment caused by hidden impact eliminate difficulty of negotiating equipment close enough to