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pentalift vertical storing hydraulic dock leveler safety cleanliness security convenience and energy savings all in one design engineered for

pentalift vertical storing hydraulic dock leveler features and benefits high strength 55,000 psi yield checker plate deck and lip assemblies leveler incorporates structural c beams or i beams for deck supports model hdv6.5635 shown quantity and sizes of components and features will vary depending on the model and capacity selected full width self-cleaning heavy wall 70,000 psi yield hinge tube gussets on lip and headboard hinge maximize support safer power up and power down operation pentalift designs and manufactures it s own double acting cylinder the deck assembly leans slightly backward with lip extended in stored position hydraulic lip cylinder is designed and built by pentalift to accurately and reliably control the operation of the lip forklift run-off guards along top sides of deck lockable maintenance strut cylinder supply hose is rated for high pressure it incorporates dual layer steel braiding for reinforcement abrasion and break resistance hose routing and cylinder

dock leveler stores vertically for additional benefits • stops forklifts from falling off loading dock • eliminates door damage • stored inside the building for better environment control • safe easy clean pit design • safer over center storage design safety and performance features pentalift designs and assembles their own control panels to accommodate the interlocking of loading dock equipment such as a vehicle restraint system overhead door inflatable dock seal truck shelter and other loading dock equipment into one common panel • nema 12 interior push button control station • deck lower deck raise deck stop and independent lip control buttons • red and green operation led indicator lights • separate lip in/out operation • master interlock control panels are available for proper use and sequencing of equipment for simplified operation and increased safety • can be installed on optional control stanchions away from

hot dip galvanize finish for corrosion protection and cleanliness pentalift vertical storing dock levelers are available with hot dipped galvanized finish for increased corrosion protection and cleanliness • the hot galvanized liquid flows onto and protects all surfaces of the components that are dipped creating a coating for the equipment that is far superior to sprayed on coatings • this option is particularly beneficial in food processing facilities optional control stanchion shown adjacent to dock leveler installation style there are two main installation styles for vertical storing dock levelers continuous pit ledge construction individaul pit construction continuous pit/ledge construction improves dock area cleaning and maintenance and simplifies building design and construction individual pit construction allows the space between levelers to be used for storage while still allowing the overhead door to close and seal at the pit floor our primary goal is to