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engineered for safety pentalift dock leveler weatherseal loading dock weatherseal is increasing in use as more and more industries become aware of environmental issues weatherseal improves energy savings at the loading dock by minimizing the transfer of heated/cooled air from the exterior to the interior of the building conserving natural resources weatherseal minimizes exterior contaminants such as snow dust and leaves etc from blowing up onto the loading dock area floor and the resulting energy to address pentalift weatherseal kits are easy to install on most makes of mechanical or hydraulic dock levelers and seals the nominal 1” gap that runs along both sides of the dock leveler platform and the side of the pit wall there are two types of weatherseal available 1 “bolt on” extruded aluminum carrier with a brush weather seal shown on upper photo in red outline 2 a “weld on” metal carrier with a neoprene seal insert shown in lower photo in red outline