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sterling grey slik 7 chambord pavers brick pavers laurentia capping stones alpine consumer tandem match chamfered corners mono innovation sinclair standard element facade dunlop price landscape retaining wall sharp brochure 16 x 8 x 12 concrete block

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commitment experience cannot be faked over the years permacon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and developed unparalleled expertise in our offices factories warehouses and quality control lab our expert staff work to offer products that surpass the most demanding consumer expectations the exceptional quality of permacon products would mean little without the relationship we enjoy with our clients and partners this bond of confidence is based on respect responsiveness and availability at each of our 13 production facilities 300 showrooms and on work sites we maintain an active presence throughout the process in order to ensure that the results are up to our highest standards at permacon we are not just manufacturing stone we build the living space of your dreams in perfect harmony with its surroundings cutting edge aesthetics permacon has long been a trendsetter that brings innovation to life this forward thinking was embodied a few years ago when we established the

soft texture lafitt collection mondrian stone – range scandina grey 12

textured lafitt collection lafitt stone – range margaux beige 16

rough texture lafitt alto stone – range chambord grey with rockland black accent dufferin stone – range lennox grey lafitt® alto stone dufferin® plus stone this stone will add a touch of prestige and elegance to your home lafitt alto stone features a more enhanced texture than lafitt stone while boasting all the same advantages most notably its modular format and abundance of colours this means you can customize your project by mixing lafitt and lafitt alto stones this classic and timeless stone seems imbued by history recalling the unique appearance of old stone that served the first canadian pioneers so well dufferin plus stone has a wavy texture with soft edges and is offered in two vibrant colours at an affordable cost with its modular shapes dufferin plus stone offers exceptional versatility for interior and exterior architectural applications colours colours range chambord grey range dunlop beige range amboise beige range newport grey range margaux beige

lamina stone – range newport grey melville slik brick – rockland black standard colour units lamina stone lafitt collection lamina stone – range newport grey melville slik brick – rockland black colours of the artis tm collection rockland black 26 soft texture this is the only conventional masonry product on the market that creates the appearance of stacked thin stone lamina stone offers a distinctive look that beautifies every project with its innovative texture variety of colours and multiple lengths lamina stone can be used on a full facade to accentuate architectural elements or to highlight specific wall sections in addition inserting elements from the mono lamina stone offers an opportunity to customize and enhance the look of your project units mono lamina stone new lafitt collection soft texture lamina® stone mono lamina® stone range amboise beige range margaux beige range newport grey unit a unit b unit c unit d unit e unit f unit g unit

cardiff ornamental stone buffed block – custom colour cardiff ® ornamental stones this range of ornamental stones will enhance the exterior appearance of your home with a distinctive look similar to ornamental stones of days past such features as high density concrete longer window sills and jambs as well as its four finishes available make for a durable and aesthetic material cardiff accessories also offer great flexibility for numerous applications new colours and finishes smooth karista grey rocart off white chiselled off white rocart units  sold separately  buffed shell white chiselled units  sold separately  sill – rocart keystone – rocart sill – chiselled keystone – chiselled quoin – chiselled jamb – chiselled 150 mm × 914 mm × 90 mm 115 mm × 240 mm – 150 mm × 948 mm × 79 mm 90 mm × 200 mm –  90 mm × 593 mm × 290 mm 140 mm × 593 mm

cinco brick – range scandina grey cinco® brick is it brick or stone inspired by buildings constructed at the turn of the last century cinco brick was created in part to resemble stone with its wide array of colours and lengths cinco brick is the perfect match for lafitt stone and cinco stone cinco brick offers you a visual impact at an affordable price its unique height makes the installation similar to brick while its choice of lengths and textures closely resemble stone this product has everything you need to turn your imagination loose range scandina grey range chambord grey range newport grey range berkeley brown unit standard colours new lafitt collection range amboise beige cinco brick – range scandina grey range dunlop beige range grey and black 34 range margaux beige range lennox grey range savannah beige soft texture range amber beige lafitt collection soft texture new prestige colours 90 mm × 92 mm × var 3 1/2 × 3 5/8 × var visit

melville slik brick – rockland black cardiff buffed block – custom colour cassara walls – range shaded grey city capping modules – rockland black melville® slik brick melville slik brick is a classic brick designed to offer major cost benefits materials and installation offered in a larger size and available in a wide variety of natural tones this versatile urbanstyle brick can be used alone or in combination with stone melville slik brick also coordinates perfectly with permacon’s masonry and landscaping products new prestige colours range margaux beige range vintage brown cameo beige rockland black alpine grey range newport grey sterling grey melville slik brick – rockland black cardiff buffed block – custom colour cassara walls – range shaded grey city capping modules – rockland black standard colour range lennox grey 40 melville collection melville collection new range amber beige units unit a unit b

urbanika brick – rockland black urbanika® brick and stone with its generous proportions lightly chiselled texture and sharp edges urbanika brick gives your home a clean contemporary look urbanika stone with a slate-like texture is also available in the same family it is ideal for the starting course of a masonry wall and its modular format complements urbanika brick perfectly—making it a valuable asset to design projects lafitt stone – range chambord grey melville 80 pavers – rockland black melville plank pavers accent – range scandina grey lafitt tandem wall – rockland black lafitt tandem wall accent – range scandina grey lafitt tandem capping module – rockland black textured colours lafitt collection grey 44 range grey and black units  sold separately  brick stone 90 mm × 90 mm × 290 mm 90 mm × 190 mm × 390 mm 3 1/2 × 3 1/2 × 11 7/16 3 1/2 × 7 1/2 × 15 3/8 visit

mega-melville slabs – range newport grey melville 60 pavers small rectangle insert – range newport grey melville ® collection the sharp lines of the melville collection offer a refined and timeless design that highlights the natural look of stone melville slik brick – rockland black lamina stone – range newport grey mondrian plus 50 slabs — range laurentia grey lafitt tandem walls — range margaux beige lafitt ® collection heritage ® collection inspired by old european paving the heritage collection will bring old-world character to your landscaping 48 our collections our collections the carved finish of the lafitt collection gives your landscaping a natural and refined character lafitt stone – range amboise beige lafitt tandem walls – range amboise beige celtik walls — range sheffield beige and black lafitt tandem walls — rockland black accent mondrian plus 60 slabs — range chatham beige

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