2017 Masonry Catalogue by Permacon

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commitment experience cannot be faked over the years permacon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and developed unparalleled expertise in our offices factories warehouses and quality control lab our expert staff work to offer products that surpass the most demanding consumer expectations the exceptional quality of permacon products would mean little without the relationship we enjoy with our clients and partners this bond of confidence is based on respect responsiveness and availability at each of our 13 production facilities 300 showrooms and on work sites we maintain an active presence throughout the process in order to ensure that the results are up to our highest standards at permacon we are not just manufacturing stone we build the living space of your dreams in perfect harmony with its surroundings cutting edge aesthetics permacon has long been a trendsetter that brings innovation to life this forward thinking was embodied a few years ago when we established the industry’s only r&d centre in north america taste can be infinitely varied but we feel beauty must inhabit everything we create for permacon beauty is always a matter of harmony refinement elegance and clean lines throughout many eras and trends we’ve forged an enviable reputation for ourselves which is reflected in the renewed confidence we enjoy with our suppliers professionals and consumers for 65 years permacon has designed produced and offered the best in residential masonry and landscaping so that you can enjoy your property to the fullest by combining craftsmanship cutting edge methods and an efficient organization permacon brings together aesthetics and expertise our success in the industry is no stroke of luck— it’s based on the four pillars that make up our unwavering brand promise with permacon quality and dependability aren’t merely promises but concrete facts that’s why our products come with a full 50-year warranty and why permacon is the first choice for architects and contractors who need a supplier able to provide the absolute best material permacon’s experience is shown in our product lines that herald future trends whether by redefining the industry or introducing best practices permacon always pushes the market forward whether polished or rough-hewn each stone is the result of meticulous inspired and skillful craftsmanship carried out for the sole purpose of making your living space a work of art brand promise brand promise 6 the past present and future competence 7