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general principles of working at height verticality work techniques restraint this technique aims to keep the worker from entering a zone where there is a risk of falling leash principle lanyard work positioning harness the length of the lanyard is chosen to keep the worker away from a fall hazard area fall arrest preventing the risks associated with a fall the fall arrest system is designed to striking an obstacle or the ground excessive impact force inert suspension aggravates the person s condition reduce the distance required to arrest the fall you must anticipate the required clearance this clearance is the space required under the user so that he doesn t hit any obstacles during a fall see diagram notes · lanyards or energy absorbers should be no longer than two meters · the length of the fall should always be minimized · the clearance required depends on the system you are using lanyard energy absorber mobile fall arrest device reel absorb the energy of the fall in

energy and networks verticality work techniques ascending ascent is backed up using a fall arrest device on the rope ascending backed-up ascent using a y-shaped energy absorbing lanyard ascending backed-up ascent using climbing techniques whenever possible try to minimize the length of a potential fall work positioning using an adjustable lanyard an example of a system that allows the rope to be installed from below with a pre-installed rescue system asap newton grillon absorbica-y mgo hauling asap absorbica-y mgo information is non-exhaustive refer to the other pages as well as to the user instructions and technical manuals technical training is essential pro traxion grillon i d rig 18

technical rescue verticality rescue techniques technical rescue teams intervene in particularly difficult or dangerous situations intensively trained and taught they operate in any environment where conventional rescue teams cannot intervene safely these specialists master all the techniques for progression and belaying on ropes including the more complex ones evacuation downward upward or by tyrolean traverse etc downward evacuation easier to install this type of evacuation is favored whenever possible downward evacuation takes place using gravity applying different techniques determined for specific types of terrain upward evacuation upward evacuation requires techniques which are sometimes particularly complex hauling with a mechanical winch creating a hauling system built from lightweight pulleys using counterweight techniques etc upward evacuation is a team effort and requires perfect coordination by everyone involved evacuation by tyrolean traverse when evacuation of the

fall arrest harnesses verticality products newton fast jak c73jfo basic fall arrest harness is compatible with jak vest lift pre-shaped jak vest omni screw-lock pad fast sternal attachment point the jak vest and the automatic fast buckles make the harness easy to put on omni triact-lock equipment loops jak newton c73000 basic modular fall arrest harness automatic fast buckles the two-part sternal attachment point is used with the semi-circular omni carabiner · upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly · a sternal and a dorsal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system · shoulder straps equipped with self-locking doubleback buckles · two equipment loops with protective sheath · work positioning on the lateral attachment points is possible with the pad fast waistbelt · upright descent with the help of the lift spreader omni m37 sl m37 tl locking semi-circle carabiner · multi-directional carabiner allows the user to fasten

helmets verticality products in the absence of specific standards for helmets for workers at height petzl refers to two existing standards when developing its line of helmets adapted to professional needs standard for industrial helmets en 397 standard for mountaineering helmets en 12492 all petzl helmets provide the same level of protection against impacts the differences are found at the chinstrap and the presence or lack of ventilation a stronger chinstrap is recommended for work at height in order to avoid losing the helmet during a fall a non-ventilated shell also protects against electrical risks and molten metal splash vertex best a16 ® helmet for work at height and rescue lanyards and energy absorbers high strength polycarbonate shell headlamp clips protection against mechanical impacts ok ok ok adjustable chinstrap en 397 en 12492 en 397 en 12492 en 397 en 12492 keeping the helmet on the head low 25 dan high 50 dan high 50 dan en 397 certification ce en 397 ce en 12492

connectors verticality products to meet the many different needs encountered in the field there is a wide selection of connectors each product is designed for a specific use based on its materials shape size gate-opening capacity and locking system · aluminum locking carabiners lightweight carabiners with an optimal weight-to-strength ratio designed for the worker at height william am d ok · steel carabiners keylock system · special aluminum carabiners omni freino spirit visual unlocked indicator © rémy géroudet zenith prévention vertical formation to facilitate equipment checks screw-lock manual locking carabiners have a red band that is visible only when the carabiner is not locked · quick links screw links for semi-permanent connection of equipment packs and accessories delta go demi rond 74 75 headlamps ropes mgo anchors pulleys to guarantee optimal efficiency all petzl carabiners use the keylock system the body/gate interface does not have a hook that could snag on

rope clamps verticality products rope clamps are primarily used for progression on ropes and for creating haul systems · rope clamps for progression frame-loaded rope clamps are easy to install and specially designed for rope ascents handled rope clamps ventral rope clamps and foot-mounted rope clamps easy to use ascension spelegyca footpro looping croll secur ascentree pantin the petzl cam © arnaud childeric kalice association copalme gourmaud/ambiehl · emergency rope clamp ultra-compact lightweight rope clamp allows occasional rope ascents and hauling system set-ups packs and accessories 88 tibloc 89 headlamps ropes basic microcender micrograb rescucender macrocender macrograb anchors petzl s frame-loaded rope clamps are designed to function optimally under any conditions wet frozen dirty ropes for example therefore they are equipped with a specific chrome-plated steel cam its unique design the shape of its teeth and its self-cleaning slot allow the belayer to efficiently

rock and concrete anchors verticality products coeur goujon reference weight p32 85 g en 795 a1 en 959 p33 120 g en 795 a1 en 959 long life p38 100 g en 795 a1 en 959 collinox p55 95 g en 795 a1 en 959 bat inox p57 250 g en 795 a1 en 959 collinox certification type coeur rock granite gneiss 80 mpa hard limestone 80 mpa limestone and medium sandstone 80 mpa to 45 mpa soft rock soft sandstone limestone 45 mpa very high quality 50 mpa no no no concrete medium quality 25 x 50 mpa no bat inox installation length hole depth 55 mm 55 mm 10 mm 10 mm expansion 67 mm 67 mm 12 mm 12 mm expansion 47 mm 47 mm 12 mm 12 mm expansion 70 mm 70-75 mm 10 mm 12 mm p56 glue 40 min 10 h 100 mm 100-105 mm 14 mm 16 mm p41 glue 40 min 10 h coeur p34050-p38150 stainless steel bolt hanger · available in two versions coeur p34050 hanger for 10 mm bolts coeur p38150 hanger for 12 mm bolts · weight 40 g · certification en 795 a1 long life p38 stainless steel expansion anchor · bolt and hanger

lighting in 1981 the zoom headlamp was introduced and revolutionized vertical sports the performance and reliability of the zoom initially meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and quickly found a place in the professional world ever since the headlamp has been constantly evolving the explosive improvements in lighting performance levels that came with the new generation of batteries and high output leds has allowed petzl to invent and design more powerful and lightweight headlamps that are adapted to the specific needs of end users some milestones in the 1990s introduction of the duo line all-terrain durable and powerful in 2000 research for more compact and lightweight lighting solutions resulted in the tikka and zipka the first led-powered headlamps the use of high output leds allowed the user to see even farther myo series recently launched the e+lite was became the reference for dependable emergency lighting it can be stored for 10 years in 2009 our newest product the ultra

hybrid headlamps lighting products duo atex led 5 e61l5 3 ® hybrid waterproof headlamp for use in hazardous locations 1 high-output led 5 leds lanyards and energy absorbers adjustable elastic bands waterproof battery case and lamp body down to -5 m on/off switch with integrated locking system hybrid light source hybrid waterproof headlamp halogen 5 leds rechargeable battery with intrinsic safety feature · rugged headlamp durable construction waterproof down to -5 meters · two light sources to choose from depending on the activity halogen light for long-range focused lighting five leds for flood beam lighting with a long burn time · comfortable and easy to use adjustable and comfortable elastic headband on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation light body can be tilted · spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp · operates on four aa lr6 batteries included or with optional accu duo rechargeable battery pack e65100 2 · waterproof down to -5

training the use of petzl products demands technical knowledge and competence petzl and petzl s distribution network offer training for acquiring this knowledge they are designed for users and retailers selling our products this education includes · training for users of the exo self-evacuation system the goal of this program is to provide theoretical and practical content concerning the exo system design components set-up and use inspection and maintenance included in the training that participants receive is information about components of the exo system installation of the system on the harness rapid deployment of the system use of the anchor hook and movement towards the exit going through a window controlling the descent retrieval of the exo installed on a window ledge inspection and maintenance of the exo system · training concerning personal protective equipment ppe different types of training are proposed information on the ppe legal obligations periodic inspection