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height specialists the new orleans building rotterdam netherlands © alex buiter

energy and networks verticality ascending ascent is backed up using a fall arrest device on the rope ascending backed-up ascent using a y-shaped energy absorbing lanyard an example of a system that allows the rope to be installed from below with a pre-installed rescue system newton absorbica-y mgo asap information is non-exhaustive refer to the other pages as well as to the user instructions and technical manuals technical training is essential rig

packs and accessories a descenders carabiners connectors mobile fall arrester lanyards and energy absorbers helmets harnesses work and rescue techniques b c d new e f g new new h 33 anchors and ropes pulleys rope

harnesses for difficult access verticality navaho bod croll fast c71cf0 ® rope access harness padded and ergonomic shoulder straps to reduce chafing thermoformed reinforcement panel at back of waistbelt gives excellent support for comfort while suspended a restraint lanyard can be clipped to the rear buckle directional connector reinforced waistbelt harnesses for rope access integrate a croll ventral rope clamp the shoulder strap adjustment serves to position the croll the shoulder-strap/waistbelt connector is equipped with a captive bar to inhibit connector rotation leg loops fasten with fast buckles · integrated croll ventral rope clamp for ascending ropes · wide semi-rigid waistbelt for excellent support · waistbelt and suspension seat lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended · foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing · if the waistbelt is weighted the load is transferred to the shoulder straps which distribute it over the

new harnesses comfortable helmet with integrated hybrid lighting · version of vertex best with all-terrain durable headlamp that is waterproof to -5 meters ip x8 · two powerful light sources to choose from depending on the activity focused distance lighting has adjustable zoom with halogen bulb close-range lighting with three lighting modes maximum optimum economic and a long burn time with fourteen leds regulated for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are almost discharged · comfortable and easy to use on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation light body can be tilted · spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp · size 53-63 cm · weight 625 g including batteries · certification ce meets the requirements of the en 397 and en 12492 standards for protection against impact meets the optional requirements of the en 397 standard for molten metal splash lateral deformation and use in low temperatures comfortable ventilated helmet for

carabiners verticality · aluminum carabiners lightweight carabiners with an optimal weight-to-strength ratio designed for the worker at height william am d ok · steel carabiners · large connectors carabiners adapted for difficult environments primarily used for setting up anchors and for connecting to metal structures connectors with a wide gate opening designed for connecting to thick structures oxan vulcan mgo 110 mgo 60 · special aluminum carabiners lightweight carabiners designed for specific uses harness fastening additional braking on a descender etc omni freino spirit · quick links lightweight carabiners designed for specific uses harness fastening additional braking on a descender etc delta go demi rond

footpro looping croll left-foot pantin carabiners connectors footpro c49 adjustable webbing foot loop · attaches to the ascension rope clamp for rope ascents · underfoot strap is abrasion-resistant and is slightly rigid to make it easier to step into · length easily adjusted with the doubleback buckle · comes with speedy p14 maillon with quick gate · weight 135 g secur c74 shoulder straps for positioning the croll rope clamp · attaches with a girth hitch to the rear ring of the harness · easy adjustment with doubleback buckle · weight 120 g pantin b02ara b02ala foot ascender right and left · it is used to complement croll ascension or ascentree rope clamps · cam facilitates passage of the rope through the device even on the first few meters · toothed cam with self-cleaning slot optimizes performance under any conditions e.g frozen or dirty ropes · mechanism is totally integrated into the body of the rope clamp to help prevent rubbing · makes ascent faster and less

ropes verticality the line of petzl ropes is designed for professionals in the vertical world they offer an effective solution to the demands of different activities difficult access technical rescue industrial use to meet the needs of clients around the world petzl offers ropes that meet european standards for semi-static ropes and north american standards for static ropes custom length ropes available only for european standard ropes to more precisely respond to the specific needs of some professionals petzl offers a personalized service it is therefore possible to order a rope at a specified length with high-quality manufactured terminations having a protective sheath on one or both ends this means that these products are ready for use without adding any knots the sewn terminations have a protective sheath that keeps the connector in position and facilitates manipulations the manufactured terminations are also stronger than a figureeight knot and meet certain standards

constant lighting level the main advantage of a constant lighting level is that it provides stable lighting performance over the burn time associated with each headlamp this way the user knows that neither the luminosity nor the lighting distance will decrease during this period to obtain constant lighting headlamps are equipped with an electronic regulator that maintains luminosity and initial lighting distance as long as the electric current delivered by the energy source is sufficient when this source becomes too weak the light output decreases to a minimum lighting level this reserve lighting is nonetheless sufficient for finishing a task or for moving around or to replace the batteries for example headlamps not equipped with a regulation feature offer very bright light for only approximately 20 minutes the light output then decreases progressively until the electric power source is depleted distance meters constant lighting declining lighting t0 12 h 60 h 120 h battery life hours

hybrid headlamps duo headlamps are designed for professionals working in difficult conditions these headlamps are waterproof they are resistant to shock abrasion dirt and water the design features of these headlamps make them a high-performance option for lighting duo headlamps have two light sources that can be oriented to provide long-range or close-range lighting depending on the need lighting hybrid lighting the two light sources provide versatile lighting adapted to most work situations they allow close-range lighting with an led light source or long-range lighting with a halogen bulb or 1 w led switch the on/off switch of the headlamp can be manipulated with one hand and can be locked by flipping the yellow lever to avoid accidentally turning on the lamp centrale hydroélectrique edf de super bissorte modane france © pat dion waterproof battery case designed for demanding environments duo headlamps have a battery case that resists the most difficult conditions the two metal

the petzl foundation created in 2006 the petzl foundation s mission is to offer support to non-profit organizations especially in three areas promoting safety awareness preserving the environment supporting fundamental research safety in the professional domain is considered one of the prime causes requiring support on a global scale relaying the values of the company the objective of the petzl foundation is to reduce the gaps in safety that affect all professionals depending on the specific needs of each country the petzl foundation proposes training programs tools for teaching and training individuals about safety in collaboration with local associations or non-governmental organizations ngos for more information on current projects visit www.petzl-foundation.org catalogue z13 2012 © petzl 2011 www.petzl.com headquarter petzl international z.i crolles 38920 crolles france design text petzl © regard du vivant © posf graphic design and technical drawings yves marchand