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petzl yesterday today and tomorrow petzl s roots lie in the desire of its founders to serve one passion exploration since its beginnings in caving the company s mission has remained constant to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress today that pioneering spirit passion for exploration and ethic have not changed more than forty years later petzl continues to invent products and provide solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most inaccessible places both day and night by its very nature progression has no limits we are constantly inventing new solutions and there is no reason for this to stop paul petzl president contents

basic techniques always hold the braking side of the rope to facilitate the climber s movement while clipping the belayer should be mobile a step forward may be enough to provide the slack required giving slack taking up slack technique for giving slack quickly 1 hold the rope with at least three fingers 2 the index finger supports the grigri 2 3 the thumb presses on the cam more information on belay techniques for the grigri 2 at grigri 2 the first grigri was created in 1991 it contributed to an revolution in climbing particularly on rock by providing more comfort for belayers the grigri allowed climbers to work their routes and push their limits the new grigri 2 version uses the same principles but it is lighter more compact and compatible with most single ropes it has a new design that allows excellent control during the descent by following the advice on the technical notice and at you will optimize use of your grigri 2 contents 13 information

note the knots on the rope make the hauling system more complicated to set up after the fall two options solution 1 set up a hauling system with the knots see crevasse falls hauling on a rope with knots solution 2 you have enough extra rope to set up a hauling system without knots on the free end of the rope sent down to the victim for example you can have this amount of extra rope by having connected two rope ends of 50 60 m 30 m 30 m keep the rope taut the team members synchronize their progression in order to keep the rope taut without holding looped rope in their hands if the rope is slack the victim will fall faster his partner will not be able to stop the fall and risks being pulled into the crevasse himself sum tec a compromise between a classic mountaineering ice axe and an ice climbing axe the sum tec is a versatile lightweight technical ice axe it is easy to use in piolet-canne mode with its stainless steel spike and its slightly curved shaft in climbing mode the alpix

canyoning six years of careful observation and preparation three days of approach the heat the cold the snow the 3450 m starting altitude the 1420 m descent the bivouacs some ingredients of the first descent into the chamje khola nepal canyon by a part of the himalayan canyon team your turn to play chamje.blogspot com © sam bié contents

comparison of declining lighting mode and constant lighting mode for the tikka xp 2 with core rechargeable battery light quantity lumens 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0,5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 80 battery life hours light quantity declining lighting tikka xp 2 maximum mode constant lighting tikka xp 2 core maximum mode 43 lumens for 4 h 45 80 lumens t 0 h 54 lumens t 0 h 30 20 lumens t 10 h battery life lighting distance 68 meters t 0 h 50 meters t 0 h 30 22 meters t 10 h 80 hours 48 meters for 4 h 45 for night trail running a headlamp suitable for illuminating the terrain is essential essential for greater speed and less fatigue · for short training sessions and less technical trails at sunrise or sunset a headlamp with declining lighting will work well even though light quantity will decrease over time · on the other hand for technical trails and for runs of many hours or even an entire night a headlamp with constant lighting is perfectly suited light output remains identical to

helmets contents 52 the discovery a complex network of magnificent galleries in tham lom cave laos © phil

carabiners special locking carabiners freino m42 locking carabiner with friction spur for descenders for those times when you need a little extra friction while descending the freino is the way to go strength 25 kn major axis 9 kn open gate 10 kn cross-loaded weight 85 g vertigo wl m40 wla locking carabiner for via ferrata the vertigo wl is designed to be used at the end of a via ferrata lanyard its ergonomic design and easy-to-use locking system facilitate passing intermediate anchors the wide opening can fit over most bars and cables strength major axis 25 kn open gate 8 kn minor axis 10 kn weight 97 g omni m37 semi-circle carabiner for fastening a harness the half-moon omni is used to close harnesses that have two attachment points that must be joined with a connector it has a breaking strength of at least 15 kn when loaded in any direction strength major axis 20 kn open gate 7 kn minor axis 15 kn available with locking system screw-lock weight 86 g triact-lock weight 92 g

ascenders ascenders ascension b17sln b17srg ergonomic handled ascender our handled ascenders have been refined to provide greater comfort efficiency ease of use the ergonomically shaped handle is over molded with dual density grip for greater friction and better grip the grip is wider at the bottom providing better comfort for your pinkie fingers during use the index finger indent has also been increased offering greater efficiency when pulling on the ascender the cam has been redesigned to minimize friction when sliding the ascender up the rope while the angled teeth provide secure grip in the worst conditions wet icy or muddy ropes the geometry of the single piece aluminum frame ensures optimal handle orientation when the device is loaded and will maintain solid comfortable performance for ascents of any length for use with ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter 195 g croll b16aaa chest ascender when used with a chest strap and the ascension or basic ascenders the croll makes for a

accessories gloves goutte d eau p06 cordex k52 lightweight belay/rappel gloves large radius progression hook cordex plus k53 lightweight belay/rappel gloves reglette p06 s small radius progression hook sewn slings quickstep c09 anneau c40 polyester sling to set up a belay or an anchor or to extend an anchor point available in four sizes 60 80 120 and 150 cm adjustable single-step etrier for aid climbing looping c25 4-step etrier for aid climbing st anneau c07 dyneema® sling a lighter alternative to the all-nylon slings these are color coded for ease in length identification available in three sizes 24 60 and 120 cm gradistep c08 lightweight 5-step etrier for aided sections on free climbs fin anneau c06 ultralight dyneema® sling the lightest and most compact of all our slings we use 8 mm dyneema®/nylon webbing to cut down on weight without sacrificing strength available in three sizes 60 80 and 120 cm spelegyca c44 asymmetric double lanyard designed to help pass rebelays when caving

myo headlamp ® myo rxp e87 p2 ® powerful and programmable headlamp four constant lighting modes boost mode and wide angle lens the myo rxp is a petzl headlamp that is regulated and programmable allowing the user to choose the order of lighting levels and to precisely adapt light output to do this there are three lighting modes for each of which the user can select the power from among ten possible levels from 8 to 140 lumens this feature allows the lamp to be programmed for the type of activity and the length of use maximum power lighting would be suited for a short night run for example less powerful lighting would help preserve battery life and would therefore be ideal for a multi-day trek this headlamp has boost mode 160 lumens and a strobe mode that can be programmed it is compatible with lithium batteries to optimize performance even at low temperatures the wide angle lens offers the option of switching instantly from a focused beam to a wide beam when necessary light quantity

warning activities at height are inherently dangerous and may result in serious injury or death take the time to fully read and understand the information presented in this catalog as well as the instructions for use that come with the products gaining an adequate apprenticeship is your own responsibility the information presented in this catalog is believed to be correct at press time but it is not guaranteed to be exhaustive correct understandable or up-to-date petzl reserves the right to modify this information at any time petzl s civil liability does not extend to products that have been modified or repaired outside our factories contact petzl if you have any doubt or difficulty in understanding the information presented in this catalog © petzl 2012 headquarters petzl international z.i crolles 38920 crolles france more to come design petzl graphic design pierre bena design annecy france products photos photos are non