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general principles of working at height vertical work work techniques restraint this technique aims to keep the worker from entering a zone where there is a risk of falling leash principle lanyard work positioning harness the length of the lanyard is chosen to keep the worker away from the fall hazard area fall arrest preventing the risks associated with a fall the fall arrest system is designed to · reduce the distance required to arrest the fall · absorb the energy of the fall in order to limit the impact transferred to the human body · maintain the victim in a position that limits the effects of inert suspension 1 striking an obstacle or the ground you must anticipate the required clearance this clearance is the space required under the user so that he doesn t hit any obstacles in a fall see diagram notes · lanyards or energy absorbers should be no longer than two meters · the length of the fall should always be minimized · the clearance required depends on the system

energy and networks vertical work work techniques ascending ascent is backed-up using a fall arrest device on the rope ascending backed-up ascent using a y-shaped energy absorbing lanyard ascending backed-up ascent using climbing techniques whenever possible try to minimize the length of a potential fall work positioning using an adjustable lanyard an example of a system that allows the rope to be installed from below with a pre-installed rescue system see the tree care section for rope installation newton fast asap absorbica-y mgo grillon asap hauling absorbica y mgo information is non-exhaustive refer to the other pages as well as to the user instructions and technical manuals technical training is essential pro traxion grillon i d grigri 18

technical rescue vertical work rescue techniques downward evacuation intervention with large team upward evacuation balancier technique tyrolean evacuation backed up rescue system vertical and horizontal pro traxion kootenay ascension i d macrocender i d i d rescue rescue ascension information is non-exhaustive refer to the other pages as well as to the user instructions and technical manuals technical training is essential croll spelegyca paw · white ropes double tyrolean guiding the kootenay pulley and the gray back-up rope prusik knots are attached to the blue rope to avoid slack on the gray back-up rope · gray rope back-up rope guided · blue ropes belays horizontal movement back and forth · green rope allows vertical movement backed-up pulley system minder jane 32

fall arrest harnesses vertical work products fall arrest harnesses position the user correctly in case of a fall and are comfortable and easy to put on basic fall arrest harness is compatible with jak vest lift pre-shaped jak vest omni screw-lock pad fast two part sternal attachment point omni triact-lock jak the two-part sternal attachment point is used with the semi-circular omni carabiner automatic fast buckles basic modular fall arrest harness · upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly · a sternal and a dorsal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system · shoulder straps equipped with self-locking doubleback buckles · two equipment loops with protective sheath · work positioning on the lateral attachment points is possible with the pad fast waistbelt · upright descent with the help of the lift spreader locking semi-circle carabiner · multi-directional carabiner allows the user to fasten the newton and falcon ascent

helmets vertical work products differences vertex best · protection from electrical risks but without ventilation vertex vent · provides ventilation but not guaranteed to protect against electrical risks vertex best · reduces the risk of the helmet coming off in case of a fall the buckle has a breaking strength greater than 50 dan vertex best duo led 14 e66 ® vertex vent a11 ® vertex st a12 ® vertex st · the helmet will come off in the case of a fall the buckle opens at 25 dan helmet with waterproof hybrid headlamp for use in confined spaces rescue and nighttime work-at-height · white vertex best helmet with integrated fixo duo led 14 headlamp · hybrid light source · halogen bulb light source x 1 focused beam for long distance lighting · 14-led light source wide beam for proximity lighting three lighting levels maximum optimum economic regulated lighting for a constant level of lighting until the batteries are almost discharged automatically switches to reserve power

aluminum locking carabiners vertical work products special aluminum carabiners william ball-lock a md ball-lock william triact-lock a md triact-lock ok triact-lock omni triact-lock william screw-lock a md screw-lock ok screw-lock omni screw-lock anchors william m36 sl/sln m36 tl/tln m36 bl large size locking carabiner · large size and opening to allow anchoring of several ropes and slings · wide pear shape facilitates belaying with a munter hitch · available in five versions william m36 sl screw-lock william m36 sln screw-lock black william m36 tl triact-lock william m36 tln triact-lock black william m36 bl ball-lock · individually tested am d m34 sl m34 tl m34 bl asymmetrical locking carabiner · specially adapted for attaching equipment rope clamps etc · for use at the end of a lanyard · excellent strength-to-weight ratio · available in three versions am d m34 sl screw-lock am d m34 tl triact-lock am d m34 bl ball-lock · individually tested ok m33

rope clamps for hauling and lifting vertical work products these rope clamps are meant primarily for systems built for hauling and lifting loads they may also occasionally be used for progression on ropes basic tibloc ascenders rescucender microcender macrocender basic b18aaa frame-loaded rope clamp · versatile back-up in hauling system self-belay or rope ascent · lower hole for connecting a lanyard · upper hole through which a carabiner attaches the device to the rope useful for back-up belays or hauling · compact and lightweight · for single ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter · certification ce en 567 · individually tested · weight 135 g microcender b54 cam-loaded rope clamp · removable axle can be used to install or remove the clamp at any point on the rope · locking pin reduces the risk of undoing the system accidentally · the pin and axle cannot be lost as they are part of the clamp · compact and lightweight · for single ropes between 9 and 13 mm in diameter ·

ropes vertical work products the line of petzl ropes is designed for professionals in the vertical world they offer efficient solutions for the inherent challenges of these activities difficult access technical rescue industry to provide solutions to clients around the world petzl offers ropes that correspond to both european and north american standards · ropes european standards ropes for difficult access ropes for industry ropes for fire rescue team new new new new new parallel 10,5 mm axis 11 mm axis 11 mm grip 12,5 mm link 7 mm custom length ropes kärcher © d franck protec set caterpillar roll module 98 99 headlamps packs and accessories the manufactured terminations are also stronger than a figure-eight knot and meet certain standards specifically the en 353-2 standard mobile fall arrest system including a flexible anchor line asap rope · rope protectors ropes to more precisely respond to the specific needs of some professionals petzl offers a personalized service it is

lighting performance hands-free lighting techniques measuring lighting performance petzl uses a rigorous and clearly defined protocol to evaluate the performance of our headlamps the measurements are taken in the lab and are reliable precise performance indicators results obtained in this way allow us to compare the lighting performance of many different headlamps consequently it is much simpler for users to choose a product for their specific needs based on their own criteria the tests are carried out with five headlamps and two sets of standard or rechargeable batteries identical to the ones sold with the headlamp for headlamps sold without batteries quality alkaline batteries are used the published results represent the average of 10 measurements beam types the shape of a headlamp s light beam depends on the light source and on the lenses there are two types of beams wide-angle beams narrow focused beams each beam also has a residual component which is much wider than the main

hybrid headlamps hands-free lighting products duobelt led 5 e73 p hybrid waterproof headlamp halogen 5 leds and remote battery pack · remote battery pack allows the user to reduce the weight worn on the head to only 140 g protect the batteries from cold winter conditions · rugged headlamp durable construction waterproof down to -5 meters · long burn time uses large capacity batteries c/lr14 · two light sources to choose from depending on the activity halogen light for long-range focused lighting five leds for flood beam lighting with a long burn time · comfortable and easy to use adjustable and comfortable elastic headband on/off switch can be locked to prevent accidental operation light body can be tilted · spare halogen bulb in the light body of the headlamp · operates on four c/lr14 batteries included · waterproof down to -5 meters ip x8 · weight 550 g including batteries 140 g on head · ce · 3-year guarantee duobelt led 14 e76 p hybrid waterproof headlamp

the petzl foundation disclaimer take the time to fully understand the information presented in this catalog as well as the instructions for use that accompany the product it is your responsibility to obtain adequate training in appropriate techniques and safety practices we have done everything possible to ensure that the information presented in this catalog is accurate at the time of publication however we do not guarantee that this information is complete accurate understandable or up-to-date petzl reserves the right to modify the content of this information at any time contact petzl if you have any doubts or difficulty understanding the information to serve the milieu that has allowed us to exist and grow created in 2006 the petzl foundation s mission is to lead projects in all the countries where activities that are directly or indirectly related to petzl s areas of expertise are practiced the petzl foundation contributes its support to projects run by not-for-profit