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6.1 choose your colour pearlescent colour cost option solid colour l standard at no cost m option at extra cost metallic colours cost option body type specification level p09g bianca white cost option p0wp 3&5 doors access a/c l m m 3&5 doors 3&5 doors hurricane grey nera black orange power virtual blue shark grey m6fc m09v m04t m0k4 m09p m0zr m0py mmmmmm active lmmlmmmm lime yellow menthol white menthol white m m m exterior personalisation menthol lime lime yellow allure l m 5 doors allure premium l m 5 doors roland garros 3&5 doors satin white active design 3&5 doors gt line 3 doors gti gti prestige 3 doors gti by psp l textured colours cost option mllmmmlmmmlmm twilight blue ice grey ice silver ice white coupe franche m0ku m7jd m7ww m7sj m29v mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmlmm aluminium rioja red m two tone cost option l bianca white is standard on 1.6l thp 165 hurricane grey virtual blue are incompatible with this version m note ice white will be available on gt line 1.6l thp 165 gti gti prestige gti by psp from october build colours hurricane grey orange power rioja red ice white bianca white satin white virtual blue shark grey aluminium twilight blue ice grey ice silver nera black roland garros satin white coupe franche roland garros nera black exterior personalisation active allure bianca hurricane grey white cost option p09g p0wp menthol white exterior 3 5 personalisation doors lime yellow exterior personalisation orange power virtual blue shark grey m0k4 m09p m6fc m09v m04t mmmmm pdcn mmmm equaliser grille with stamped 3d effect gloss black grille finisher front fog lights on active gloss black front fog lamp finishers with laser engraved colour accent • coloured peugeot lettering front and rear • gloss black door mirror shells with colour accents for more information take a look at www.peugeot.co.uk satin white nera black pdcm exterior personalisation includes • • • • metallic colours cost option pearlescent cost option solid colour m m textured colours cost option aluminiu twiligh rioja red ice grey ice silver m t blue m0zr m0py m0ku m7jd mmmm7ww two tone cost option ice white coupe franche m7sj m29v m m m