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key features continued peugeot 308 sw satellite navigation colour reversing camera satellite navigation linked to the 9.7” colour touch screen the system includes european mapping and comes with 5 years of free software updates the system also includes a point of interest function full postcode lookup and various route planning options standard on 308 active models and above colour reversing camera a camera located on the rear of the vehicle is linked to the 9.7” colour touch screen.the system increases visibility and driver confidence when reversing the camera also works in low light features guidance lines to aid with parking optional on allure standard on gt line and gt models full led headlamps full led headlamps light emitting diode led technology remains a rare feature in the car industry with peugeot 308 however this is not the case full led headlamps feature from allure level and above providing the following customer benefits led technology consumes considerably less energy to produce light 50 less than halogen and 35 less than xenon technologies led technology offers a whiter light for improved visibility at night the light is also more similar to daylight leading to reduced driver eye fatigue improving safety led technology requires no warm up time with instantaneous lighting response when compared to conventional halogen technologies led technology will last for the life of the car compared to halogen technology with much shorter life expectancy led technology offers a very striking visual signature that perfectly complements the sharp exterior design of peugeot308 standard on 308 allure models and above in addition all peugeot 308 models feature led daytime running lights to increase the visibility of the vehicle during daylight hours aswell as led lighting for the rear side and brake lights 1 visibility with halogen technology 2 visibility with full led technology panoramic cielo glass roof 2 panoramic cielo glass roof measuring 1.44m this large fixed panel glass roof bathes the cabin in natural light an electric roller blind is also included this blind is able to filter out of 95 of exterior light optional on 308 active models and above sequential led front indicators sequential led front indicators:an exclusive visual marker for sport models when signalling the front bumper mounted led indicators scroll in an outwards formation standard on 308 gt line and gt 1 2 3.