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6.2 choose your upholstery 6.2.1 trims specification level interior ambience interior trim trim code primary secondary colour primary secondary material access a/c mistral berlin black trim 9afx black silver cloth l active mistral tokyo black trim 59fx black grey cloth l oxford black premium trim adamantium premium trim midnight black leather trim 9dfx 60fy 3ufx black grey grey black black cloth tep cloth tep leather l allure mistral adamantium mistral m mistral mistral gt line trim midnight black leather trim 0nfs 3ufs black red black cloth tep leather m gt line l l 59fx tokyo black trim 9afx berlin black trim 9dfx oxford black premium trim 60fy adamantium premium trim 0nfs gt line trim 3ufx midnight black leather trim 3ufs midnight black leather trim features red overstitching hurricane grey p09g bianca white p0wp nera black spirit grey emerald m09v m0g5 m0dz cumulus grey m0f4 nimbus grey m0vl pearlescent ultimate white red m6n9 m5f3 oxford black premium trim 9dfx lmmmmmmmr adamantium premium trim 60fy lmmmrmmmm allure choose between oxford black and adamantium trim at no extra cost both trims go well with all of our paint colours but we recommend that oxford black works best with ultimate red and adamantium with emerald l standard m option at extra cost r recommended option at extra cost