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création bd network – edition gutenberg networks – automobiles peugeot rc paris b 552 144 503 – printed in the eu – ref mcp 3822 september 2016 dealer stamp new peugeot traveller

an invitation to travel in style the new peugeot traveller discover a modern vision of travel and new horizons accomplished design great road presence the strength of peugeot bluehdi euro 6 compliant diesel engines positive ambiance and the sheer comfort of the range… all assets which combine to deliver a supreme travel experience the new peugeot traveller is available in 3 lengths with a car park friendly roof height of 1.90 m you can choose between several seat configurations with up to 8 seats even in the compact version the new peugeot traveller is easy to configure and adapt to your

strength with assurance the new peugeot traveller is an invitation to hit the road for leisure journeys both short and long its modern and elegant silhouette contains a spacious interior packed with practicality ready and willing the new peugeot traveller has a new vertical front grille and signature led and xenon lights the new peugeot traveller exudes positive styling standard equipment standard or optional depending on

journeys calm and connected inside the peugeot traveller vip plays the driving comfort card the step provides easy access to the elevated seating position which commands the road standard optional or unavailable depending on the version only mirrorlink® or apple carplaytm certified apps will work when stationary and when driving where appropriate while driving certain features of the apps concerned will be restricted certain types of content which are freely accessible on your smartphone require a paid subscription to a certified mirrorlink™ or apple carplaytm application the mirror screen feature operates using mirrorlink® technology for android blackberry and windows phones that are mirrorlink® compatible provided they have a phone subscription including internet access with their mobile network operator new smartphones will be developed with these systems over time take your seat the instruments and controls with their pure and modern design have been produced

easy access on board with hands-free sliding side doors you can easily access the new peugeot traveller even when your arms are full this feature unlocks and opens the sliding side doors when you simply slide your foot under the rear bumper of the vehicle the door slides open all you need is to have the electronic key on your person 1.90m once you’re in there’s no need to pull the handle press the button located on the dashboard at the front the doors then open/close automatically and to make life easier for the driver the new peugeot traveller can also be started hands-free with the peugeot open go system where parking spaces are too tight to open the boot the new peugeot traveller has a clever opening tailgate rear window finally thanks to a roof height of 1.90 m accessing commercial centres or urban car parks is no longer a problem standard or optional depending on the

more modularity more flexibility with configurations allowing for up to 8 seats and available in 3 lengths the new peugeot traveller adapts to your needs the second and third rows consist of a 2/3 split bench seat the 2 sections are independent of each other and can slide on their rails to easily adjust rear space sliding and removable seats allow you to adapt the space for all situations by folding down the front passenger seat the new peugeot traveller can also carry loads of up to 3.50 m in length the new peugeot traveller also offers numerous storage compartments adding up to 49 litres of space distributed throughout the passenger cabin with the compact version at only 4.60 m long 8 people can still be accommodated with ease for a boot volume of 1350 litres simply fold the third row of seats by removing it completely the limit is increased to 1978 litres or even up to 3397 litres if you also remove the second row putting the seats back his straightforward.  just return them to

see life in bold the two glass roofs which can be covered separately give a uniquely bright passenger compartment and a panoramic view of the sky the multifunction roof integrates led mood lighting while the individual reading lights increase the comfort of each passenger to feel even better on board the new peugeot traveller has individual vents and air conditioning with soft diffusion function in the rear a unique feature for the segment new peugeot traveller has four 12v sockets in the cockpit as well a usb port to charge all your mobile devices designed to help you share the road with family or friends the rear occupants’ safety mirror picnic tables on the rear of the seats in the front row blinds on second row and tablet cache are provided as standard equipment standard or unavailable depending on the versions only available on the allure level unavailable on the compact

sensation of freedom new peugeot traveller is equipped with new generation grip control® which improves handling through its traction control system you can choose between five modes snow off-road sand esp standard or switched off.  depending on the driving mode selected the system will make sure you have the optimal grip and traction for the situation you are in optional  or unavailable depending on

peugeot and the environment peugeot is a leading manufacturer of low emission vehicles and more than half of its global sales are for vehicles emitting less than 140g of co2 per km this performance is based on proven technology the diesel particulate filter launched in 2000 and equipped as standard on more than 2.1 million vehicles it reduces particle emissions by 99.99 a self-cleaning system it processes gases emitted from the combustion of diesel in the engine and reduces diesel particles to approximately 0.004 g/km bluehdi euro 6 diesel engines are offered on the new peugeot traveller an exclusive new technology that combines a selective catalytic reduction scr function with the diesel particulate filter system this bluehdi technology drastically reduces nox the combination of mono-nitrogen oxides no and no2 by more a new flexible and efficient platform its new base adapted from the emp2 modular platform guarantees a high level of efficiency and allows the vehicle to attain record

technology and safety for a safer and more comfortable drive the new peugeot traveller has a large number of latest generation driving aids park assist 180° the reversing camera is automatically activated when the driver selects reverse gear it provides a 180° aerial view of the rear zone of the vehicle and its surroundings the rear view includes guidance lines which turn with the steering wheel when there are obstacles behind the vehicle the system automatically zooms in in addition to providing other views on request speed limit recognition and intelligent speed adaptation the multifunction camera recognises speed limit signs and displays the relevant limit on the instrument panel or in the head up display the detected speed limit is suggested as the value to be used in your cruise control or speed limiter if they are activated active safety brake the active safety brake is a new generation automatic emergency braking system which is activated if a collision is about to

colours wheels trims upholstery flat colours black dragoon blue bianca white black “claudia” full leather on allure level metallic colours 17 inch ‘miami’ wheel trims aluminium nimbus grey rich oak grey and dark blue “ocean” cloth trim on active level 17 inch ‘phoenix’ alloy wheels pearl sand amber

accessories network and services when you choose peugeot you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and built to give you years of worry free motoring as a peugeot owner you can also rely on the customer care services of your dealer this will ensure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you understand your problems and respond efficiently -someone who also has the expertise to maintain your peugeot correctly using trained technicians peugeot diagnostic equipment and peugeot original parts for your peace of mind 1 manufacturer warranty any new peugeot traveller first registered in the uk and purchased from a uk peugeot dealer will benefit from a 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty and a free optional additional year of warranty up to 60,000 miles provided by the peugeot dealer network at the end of the 3 year warranty period or after 60,000 miles you have the option to purchase a peugeot platinum extended

une personnalitÉ affirmée le peugeot traveller est une invitation à prendre la route des loisirs et des longs trajets sa silhouette moderne et élégante laisse deviner un intérieur spacieux bien pensé pour la convivialité ludique et accueillant le peugeot traveller sait aussi s’imposer avec sa nouvelle calandre verticale sa signature lumineuse à led et ses projecteurs xénon sertis dans la carrosserie le peugeot traveller affirme son style avec force de série de série ou en option selon les