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technology and safety for a safer and more comfortable drive the new peugeot traveller has a large number of latest generation driving aids park assist 180° the reversing camera is automatically activated when the driver selects reverse gear it provides a 180° aerial view of the rear zone of the vehicle and its surroundings the rear view includes guidance lines which turn with the steering wheel when there are obstacles behind the vehicle the system automatically zooms in in addition to providing other views on request speed limit recognition and intelligent speed adaptation the multifunction camera recognises speed limit signs and displays the relevant limit on the instrument panel or in the head up display the detected speed limit is suggested as the value to be used in your cruise control or speed limiter if they are activated active safety brake the active safety brake is a new generation automatic emergency braking system which is activated if a collision is about to take place the camera and radar detect moving or stationary obstacles if the brakes are not applied or if the driver does not brake hard enough the system brakes for them it can prevent the impact if the speed is below 18mph or reduce the result of the collision above this speed by reducing the speed of impact lane departure warning system an alert detects if solid or broken white road markings are crossed unintentionally when the indicator is not activated the audible and visual alert is particularly useful if the driver becomes drowsy or loses concentration blind spot monitoring system thanks to the 4 sensors located on the front and rear bumpers of your vehicle the blind spot monitoring system lets you know if a vehicle is present in your left or right hand side blind spot during your journey a light appears in one of the door mirrors or on the screen as a warning head-up display the head-up display projects the information essential to driving onto a retractable screen located in the driver’s field of vision speed cruise control or speed limiter setting etc.  all the information you need is right in front of your eyes ensuring a safer driving experience available as standard or as an option with the 7” touch screen depending on the version smart beam headlights activated at night the system automatically controls the switch between main beam and dipped headlamps and vice versa when oncoming vehicles are identified by the camera adaptive cruise control this system allows you to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front by changing the speed of your vehicle by up to 12mph it is not an active braking system this system works particularly well in moving and relatively heavy traffic airbags new peugeot traveller is equipped with 4 airbags 2 front airbags to protect the head and chest of the driver and the passenger in the event of a frontal impact 2 curtain airbags to protect the driver and the front passenger in case of side impact available as standard or as an option with the 7” touch screen depending on the versions available as an option depending on the versions available as standard or as an option depending on the versions.