New Traveller 2016 by Peugeot UK

More catalogs by Peugeot UK | New Traveller 2016 | 13 pages | 2016-12-30


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easy access on board with hands-free sliding side doors you can easily access the new peugeot traveller even when your arms are full this feature unlocks and opens the sliding side doors when you simply slide your foot under the rear bumper of the vehicle the door slides open all you need is to have the electronic key on your person 1.90m once you’re in there’s no need to pull the handle press the button located on the dashboard at the front the doors then open/close automatically and to make life easier for the driver the new peugeot traveller can also be started hands-free with the peugeot open go system where parking spaces are too tight to open the boot the new peugeot traveller has a clever opening tailgate rear window finally thanks to a roof height of 1.90 m accessing commercial centres or urban car parks is no longer a problem standard or optional depending on the version.