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the playlist theme is conceived especially for the music lover in you with audio player-inspired pictograms that reflect your eclectic musical taste disco rock pop electro … go ahead roam the city at your own tempo 108 will have no trouble keeping

the tattoo theme is a floral motif inspired by street art the angular flowers and petals which are almost metallic in style follow a particularly precise layout 108 reveals a daring and offbeat style with the tattoo theme bucolic romanticism meets urban boldness it will get under your

technological and urban the barcode theme plays with lines and colours to challenge conventional dress codes this ultra-contemporary theme represents the modernity of

personalisation 108 offers seven personalisation themes making it is easy to choose the one designed for you the themes personalise the exterior body dashboard door mirror covers carpet mats and key fobs to complete a unique and exclusive design level of personalisation varies according to theme dressy playlist diamond tattoo dual barcode

108 gt line the dynamic and urban 108 gt line expresses its sporty personality with gloss black door mirrors front spoiler with red line detail 15” alloy wheels rear exhaust finisher and gt line badging on the front doors and tailgate the personalised interior features striking black and red sports styling with a laser red dash insert and gloss black surround on the centre console packed with technology 108 gt line is equipped with keyless entry 7” colour touchscreen with dab digital radio bluetooth® functionality satellite navigation active city brake and reversing

intelligent and connected 108 is equipped with cutting edge connected technology that makes driving easier the large 7’’ touchscreen offers intuitive and continuous connectivity that establishes a new relationship between the driver and the car • it is the interface for the audio system with added connectivity available via usb and bluetooth • it displays images from the reversing camera making it easy to park in any situation • access the trip computer and vehicle settings the peugeot open go system keyless entry with stop/start button allows you to lock and unlock the doors without using your key and starts the engine by simply pushing the stop/start button automatic dual-zone air conditioning regulates interior temperature with optimised control of air speed distribution and inlet active city brake is a technology which makes it possible to avoid an accident or reduce its severity if the driver fails to react it works in urban conditions at speeds

fuel consumption and emissions engines the 108’s range of three cylinder engines are both economical and efficient these lighter more compact petrol engines owe their efficiency to optimised combustion and reduced friction urban drive cycle mpg perfectly adapted to urban driving the 1.2l puretech 82 engine with manual 5 speed gearbox delivers energetic drive and performance excellent fuel economy and produces only 99g/km of co2 emissions 108 is equipped with either a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed 2-tronic piloted manual gearbox the latter allows you to switch easily between modes using the steering wheel mounted paddle shifts extra urban drive cycle mpg combined drive cycle mpg co2 emissions g/km 1.0l 56.5 78.5 68.9 95 1.0l 2-tronic piloted manual gearbox 56.5 74.3 67.3 97 1.2l puretech 82 52.3 76.3 65.7 99 fuel consumption figures are correct at the time of publication please refer to the price and specification guide for the latest information the fuel consumption detailed in

peugeot and the environment peugeot is a leading manufacturer of low emission vehicles and more than half of its global sales are for vehicles emitting less than 140g of co2 per km this performance is based on breakthrough and proven technologies for which peugeot has also led the way including stop start technology and a new generation of puretech engines… responsible driving 108 is fitted with very low resistance tyres to help reduce fuel consumption puretech engines peugeot puretech is advanced three cylinder petrol engine technology that offers drive and performance normally associated with much bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption and co2 emissions it is a product of peugeot’s 100 years of intelligent innovative engineering and combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of applying direct fuel injection to three

1 1 2 3 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 11 12 colours 4 1 • diamond white 2 • zircon grey 3 • carbon grey 4 • raven black 5 • laser red 6 • tahoe blue 7 • golden yellow 8 • purple berry 7 8 9 • two tone laser red raven black 10 • two tone laser red zircon grey 11 • two tone diamond white zircon grey 12 • two tone diamond white tahoe blue 13 • two tone carbon grey raven black 14 • two tone purple berry raven black wheels 13 14 108 is available in a range of solid and metallic colours two tone colours are available on both the 3 and 5 door hatchback and come in six combinations 1 • 15’’ ‘s line’ alloy wheel 2 • 15’’ ‘thorren’ alloy wheel 3 • 15’’ steel wheel with ‘brecola’ wheel trim 4 • 14’’ steel wheel with ‘xaurel’ wheel

accessories network and services when you choose peugeot you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and built to give you years of worry free motoring as a peugeot owner you can also rely on the customer care services of your dealer this will ensure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you understand your problems and respond efficiently someone who also has the expertise to maintain your peugeot correctly using trained technicians peugeot diagnostic equipment and peugeot original parts for your peace of mind 1 2 3 4 5 manufacturer warranty any peugeot 108 first registered in the uk and purchased from a uk peugeot dealer will benefit from a 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty and a free optional additional year of warranty up to 60,000 miles provided by the peugeot dealer network at the end of the 3 year warranty period or after 60,000 miles you have the option to purchase a peugeot platinum extended warranty our

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