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Automotive > Parts & Accessories

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technological and urban the barcode theme plays with lines and colours to challenge conventional dress codes this ultra-contemporary theme represents the modern style of new peugeot 108 5 the tattoo theme is a floral motif inspired by street art the angular flowers and petals which are almost metallic in style create a beautiful and contemporary look the new peugeot 108 reveals a daring and offbeat style with the tattoo theme bucolic romanticism meets urban boldness it will get under your skin 6 2 7 1 8 exterior decal kit tattoo 3 door exterior decal kit barcode 5 door key fob covers tattoo key fob covers barcode door mirror covers barcode door mirror covers tattoo 7 velour carpet mats barcode 8 velour carpet mats tattoo 9 brushed aluminium gear knob with black skirt 10 alloy wheels 15” thorren 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 4 9

the kilt theme modifies the well-known tartan pattern by adding subtle complementary stripes this geometric design is both classic and contemporary and is guaranteed to catch the eye of the smartest trendsetters the dressy theme reinterprets the timeless dogtooth design for new peugeot 108 rediscover an elegant and sporty pattern the precision and contrast of this haute-couture classic creates a fashionable ultra-chic look 5 6 7 8 2 1 9 exterior decal kit dressy 5 door exterior decal kit kilt 3 door key fob covers dressy key fob cover kilt door mirror covers dressy door mirror covers kilt 7 velour carpet mats dressy 8 velour carpet mats kilt 9 door mirror covers chrome finish 10 side rubbing strips chrome finish 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 4

comfort the new peugeot 108 successfully takes up the challenge of being both compact and comfortable 1 wind deflectors 1 increase ventilation into the cabin area whilst minimising wind noise and buffeting 2 3 4 5 2 rear window sun blind sun blind for added safety whilst driving in bright conditions 3 side window sun blinds 3 door 4 side window sun blinds 5 door a set of two rear side window sun blinds 5 centre armrest for added comfort this armrest incorporates a large storage compartment and lid 6 12 volt hot/cool box available in a range of litre capacities this thermal storage unit will cool 15°c below ambient temperature in heating mode contents are heated up to 55°c 7 air freshener diffuser create an atmosphere with this portable diffuser that can be used with a range of delightful fragrance refills 8 ashtray lighter the ashtray and lighter are both conveniently located for use 6 7

protection keep that new car feeling for longer and protect your new peugeot 108 4 1 1 exterior protective cover protective cover manufactured from polyester cloth for interior use only e.g garages underground parking etc 2 seat cover sets brasilia 3 seat cover sets essential 5 made from polyester this complete set of covers for both front and rear seats will protect the original fabric of your new peugeot 108 4 standard carpet mats 5 velour carpet mats 6 rubber floor mats 2 3 available in a choice of materials these mats will provide lasting protection of the original carpet to prevent interference with the vehicle’s pedals the driver’s side mat clips into the existing fixings

protection 2 1 styled mudflaps front and rear 1 designed to complement the lines of the vehicle whilst protecting the vehicle’s bodywork from damage caused by road debris 2 side rubbing strips to help protect the bodywork of the new peugeot 108 against scratches and light knocks 3 3 boot mat 1 manufactured from hard wearing carpet this mat allows the boot to be used intensively whilst conserving the original appearance of the carpet 4 boot tray this thermo-formed plastic boot tray will not only protect against dirty items but will also help to contain small liquid spills in the boot

travel and touring practical and versatile your new peugeot 108 can transform from a compact city car to a fun-packed traveller 1 roof mounted cycle carrier 2 this single cycle carrier affixes securely to all peugeot roof bars it attaches to the bike on each wheel and the frame and is available in a choice of steel or lightweight aluminium construction 3 4 5 6 2 roof bars 3 door 3 roof bars 5 door 1 the addition of roof bars provides an excellent foundation for carrying large items all roof bars feature a locking mechanism for added security 4 ski carrier a choice of ski carriers can hold up to six pairs of skis can also be used to secure snow boards depending on model 5 luggage box a practical yet stylish way to increase your new peugeot 108’s luggage capacity available in various capacity loads to suit your individual needs 6 luggage bag a convenient alternative to the traditional rigid luggage box the luggage bag folds flat for easy storage when not in use 7 boot retainer

multimedia the new peugeot 108 is equipped with high-tech connected equipment that makes driving easier and more enjoyable 1 tomtom portable navigation system the very latest in portable navigation from tomtom no set-up or subscription charges – simply plug in switch on and go these smart easy-to-use navigation units come pre-loaded with uk and western european mapping and include a screen mount and in-car power lead entering address details could not be easier thanks to the touchscreen operation and postcode navigation 1 dependent on model 2 tetrax xway support a discrete fixing bracket that will securely hold an electronic mobile device compatible with most mobile phones smartphones gps systems and mp3 devices 2 3 portable hands-free kit supertooth buddy designed to be used with bluetooth® compatible phones the hands-free kit offers full voice control for pick-up hang-up and voice dialling where supported by the handset 4 dvd player dvd player kit with twin 7” the information and images in this brochure are based on the most current data available when going to print as part of a policy of continuous specification improvement peugeot motor company plc reserves the right to modify the specification of our goods and to discontinue any item without notice at any time please note that current print and photographic techniques do not allow us to faithfully reproduce the full depth and tone of the colours in this brochure the vehicles illustrated in this brochure are presented with added options and accessories this brochure is designed to provide general product information and is not a contractual document or offer of sale for current information please contact your local peugeot dealer the details in this brochure cannot be reproduced without the express authorisation of peugeot motor company plc recommends issued by aftersales marketing peugeot motor company plc pinley house 2 sunbeam way coventry cv3 1nd dealer

the 108 accessories price list styling item no description 1 ligne s chequered decals 3 door only part no 1611651480 fitting retail fitted retail fitted time price £ price £ hours ex vat inc vat 1.09 £266.66 £319.99 1 ligne s chequered decals 5 door only 1611651580 1.09 £266.66 £319.99 2 ligne s chequered key cover plip key 1611842480 0.00 £31.70 £38.04 2 ligne s chequered key cover keyless key 1611843080 0.00 £32.48 £38.98 3 ligne s badge set of 2 1612047780 0.15 £27.49 £32.99 4 ligne s alloy wheel centre caps set of 4 1608265280 0.00 £16.00 £19.20 5 ligne s 15 alloy wheels set of 4 excluding tyres 1.50 £641.66 £769.99 6 ligne s mirror caps black with red pin stripe 1610115280 x 4 542190 x 4 540567 x 16 1611650380 0.25 £80.83 £96.99 7 ligne s sports gear knob 1611378980 0.25 £46.66 £55.99 8 ligne s front skirt 1611186780 0.80 £166.66 £199.99 9 ligne s lower rear diffuser with centre

styling continued item no description 34 kilt key cover plip key part no 1611769880 fitting retail fitted retail fitted time price £ price £ hours ex vat inc vat 0.00 £31.70 £38.04 34 kilt key cover keyless key 1611769680 0.00 nya nya 35 dressy mirror cap covers 1612689880 0.25 £91.66 £109.99 36 kilt mirror cap covers 1612689780 0.25 £91.66 £109.99 37 dressy theme velour carpet mat set 1611675980 0.00 £51.20 £61.44 38 kilt theme velour carpet mat set 1611675580 0.00 £51.20 £61.44 39 chrome mirror caps 1612797680 0.30 £58.33 £69.99 40 chrome effect door protection strips 3 door only 1611198080 0.35 £124.99 £149.99 comfort 1 door wind deflector set of two 3 door 1611292180 0.20 £38.33 £45.99 1 door wind deflector set of two 5 door 1611292280 0.20 £38.33 £45.99 2 rear window sunblind 1611267680 0.00 £37.38 £44.85 3 rear side window sunblind set of two 3 door 1611267480 0.00 £35.60 £42.72 3 rear side window

practical continued item no description 3 ski carrier 4 sets of skis part no 961514 fitting retail fitted retail fitted time price £ price £ hours ex vat inc vat 0.00 £85.62 £102.74 3 ski carrier 6 sets of skis 961515 0.00 £134.85 £161.82 4 1609665680 0.00 £310.00 £372.00 1609665780 0.00 £358.45 £430.14 1609665880 0.00 £416.57 £499.88 5 short luggage box 330 litre capacity l=1390mm w=900mm h=390mm mid luggage box 420 litre capacity l=1960mm w=780mm h=450mm full luggage box 420 litre capacity l=2320mm w=700mm h=400mm luggage bag short 280 litre capacity 9459k1 0.00 £204.91 £245.89 5 luggage bag long 260 litre capacity 9459k2 0.00 £357.33 £428.80 6 boot retainers set of 2 9414ee 0.00 £12.22 £14.66 2.35 £225.83 £270.99 2.35 £224.99 £269.99 0.00 £169.23 £177.69 4 4 safety security 1 1 3 front parking sensor kit sensors can be painted body 1610279180 consumables b colour if required at additional cost rear