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a n e xc eptionaldrive 8 speedefficientautom at ictransmission thanks to the efficiency of its puretech petrol or bluehdi diesel engines and the 8-speed eat8 automatic gearbox our latest gearbox innovation features eight gears for optimum driving pleasure and features electric impulse control every all-new peugeot 208 offers a combination of power with controlled co2 emissions together with stop start functionality with quickshift technology transmission can also be controlled via the steering column mounted paddles excluding all-new peugeot e-208 all-new peugeot 208 is currently undergoing wltp testing once completed official fuel consumption in mpg l/100km will be provided expected co2 emissions g/km for the all-new peugeot 208 range are combined co2 106 84 g/km the fuel consumption you achieve and co2 produced in real world conditions will depend upon a number of factors including the accessories fitted post registration variations in weather driving styles and vehicle load there is a new test wltp used to measure fuel consumption and co2 figures the fuel consumption figures shown in this advert are calculated under the wltp test the co2 figures shown are nedc equivalent nedceq calculated using ec correlation tool which converts wltp figures to nedc figures however these nedceq figures are based on the outgoing test cycle nedc and will be used to calculate tax for first registration figures shown are for comparability purposes you should only compare fuel consumption and co2 figures with other vehicles tested using the same technical standard wltp worldwide harmonised light vehicles test procedure nedc new european driving cycle information correct at time of going to print and is based on pending homologation figures 11