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striking new light signatures emphasise the elegant contemporary design of peugeot 3008 a strand of leds underline the technological headlights and three ‘floating claws’ emerge from the rear lights creating subtle contrasts that draw attention to their characteristically peugeot feline appearance the stylish front face has been modernised to complement the streamlined bodywork the structured wheel arches sculptured wing design and chrome trim reflect the light and enhance peugeot 3008’s crossover identity standard or optional according to version strength

a sensational interior get behind the wheel of the peugeot 3008 to experience a sleek exclusive interior and unique driving position the raised seating position offers saloon-worthy dynamism while the elegantly designed centre console combines top quality materials with the latest technology chrome trim and stylish door handles complete the design the ergonomic passenger compartment makes driving intuitive conveniently locating every control within easy reach the head up retractable colour screen is controlled by easy to use toggle switches and displays essential driver information including speed cruise control with speed limiter and distance alert® all of this information is visible without having to take your eyes off the road standard optional or unavailable according to version light grey interior trim unavailable in the uk

technology technological equipment for improved safety key technological highlights reversing camera the reversing camera automatically activates when reverse gear is engaged and allows the driver to view the area behind the vehicle while the manoeuvre is taking place parking space measurement system the parking space measurement system assesses the size of the potential parking space and informs you whether or not it is possible to park in the available space it also evaluates the level of difficulty of the manoeuvre parking aid front and rear parking aids inform the driver of the distance between the car and any obstacle automatic electric parking brake the electric parking brake is automatically applied when the engine is switched off and releases automatically on acceleration it incorporates the “hill assist” function which immobilises your vehicle for a short time approximately two seconds during a hill start the time it takes to move from the brake pedal to the

a panoramic view every journey is a unique experience when you have a panoramic view of the colours and landscapes outside the large panoramic glass roof increases interior light creating a serene atmosphere and a sense of well-being standard optional or unavailable according to version grey leather trim unavailable in the uk

convenience flexiblity smart and practical peugeot 3008 adapts to your lifestyle its three position boot and fold flat rear seats have been intelligently designed to make your life easier peugeot 3008 offers various practical storage areas there are spacious door pockets and a large ventilated storage space is integrated in the central front armrest three position boot 1 maximises boot volume to provide the largest possible load space 2 allows for a flat floor with split tailgate 3 the adjustable boot floor provides greater security for storing your valuables away the boot volume ranges from 512 litres 432 dm3 under the parcel shelf to 1604 litres 1241 dm3 including all storage compartments the flat folding front passenger seat increases the loading length to 2.62m 1/3 – 2/3 split folding “magic flat” rear seats the rear seats fold down at the touch of a button and for extra convenience peugeot 3008 offers several storage areas in the passenger

the engine that suits you peugeot 3008 offers you exceptional road performance from its range of engines diesel engines a range of diesel engines are available on peugeot 3008 all of which feature peugeot’s latest bluehdi technology for increased efficiency •1.6l bluehdi 120 s&s this 1.6 litre bluehdi diesel engine has a 6 speed manual gearbox and emits from as little as 108 g/km of co2 •1.6l bluehdi 120 eat6 auto s&s this 1.6 litre bluehdi diesel engine has a 6 speed ‘efficient automatic transmission’ eat6 featuring ‘quickshift’ technology and emits from as little as 109 g/km of co2 •2.0l bluehdi 150 s&s this 2.0 litre bluehdi diesel engine is equipped with a six speed manual gearbox with co2 emissions starting at just 106 g/km petrol engine peugeot 3008 is available with award winning puretech petrol engine tehnology puretech was awarded an ‘international engine of the year 2015’ award in the 1.0l 1.4l category

safety reinforced body structure cruise control with speed limiter peugeot connect sos the structure of peugeot 3008 is reinforced to be as strong as possible in order to better protect its occupants cruise control with speed limiter is available on peugeot 3008 peugeot connect sos is now in use in most major european countries including the uk this technology could prove vital in an emergency suspension and dynamic roll control® airbags in the event of a collision 6 safety airbags will be deployed to protect occupants • 2 front airbags protect the front passengers • 2 side airbags are located in the back of the seat and in the side trim • 2 curtains airbags limit the risks further and work alongside the side airbags esp all versions of peugeot 3008 have a high level of active safety that delivers a dynamic yet safe performance it consolidates the functions of esp electronic stability program and traction control asr to improve the handling of peugeot 3008 in

colours wheels metallic colours optional egyptian blue aluminium shark grey 16” isara alloy wheels only available with grip control® option nera black vapor grey rich oak 17” aregia alloy wheels pearlescent colour optional pearlescent white solid colour bianca white 18” icauna alloy

trim 1 mistral premium trim 2 grikol mistral black cloth 3 sibayak tramontane black cloth 4 tramontane luxury black leather seats in leather and other materials refer to the price and specification guide for details or visit 2 3 1

accessories network and services 1 roof mounted cycle attachment when you choose peugeot you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and built to give you years of worry free motoring as a peugeot owner you can also rely on the customer care services of your dealer this will ensure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you understand your problems and respond efficiently someone who also has the expertise to maintain your peugeot correctly using trained technicians peugeot diagnostic equipment and peugeot original parts 2 18” oxalis alloy wheels 3 chrome effect mirror caps 4 rear spoiler 5 carpet mats 6 towbar mounted cycle carrier for your peace of mind bike sold separately manufacturer warranty any peugeot 3008 first registered in the uk and purchased from a uk peugeot dealer will benefit from a 2 year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty and a free optional additional year of warranty up to 60,000 miles provided by