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engines puretech three cylinder petrol turbo peugeot puretech is advanced three cylinder petrol engine technology that offers drive and performance normally associated with much bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption and co2 emissions it is a product of peugeot’s 100 years of intelligent innovative engineering and combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of applying direct fuel injection to three cylinders on peugeot 308 we’ve even added turbo power optimising torque at all revs to delivering an engine with a unique personality which will give you maximum driving pleasure and responsiveness puretech 1.2l puretech 130 6 speed manual s&s maximum power hp kw 130 96 5500 rpm maximum torque lb/ft nm 170 230 1750 rpm combined drive cycle mpg from 58.9 co2 emissions g/km from 107 bluehdi technology bluehdi is the next generation of peugeot’s diesel engine technology targeted to meet euro 6 emissions standards bluehdi is designed to drastically reduce nitrogen oxides – by more than 90 – while minimising co2 emissions and optimising fuel consumption bluehdi engines gearbox co2 emissions from 6 speed manual 97 g/km 6 speed automatic 107 g/km 6 speed manual 82 g/km 2.0 bluehdi 150 1.6 bluehdi 120 maximum torque lb/ft nm 273 370 2000 rpm combined drive cycle from 88.3 mpg co2 from 82 g/km 221 300 1750 rpm