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peugeot and the environment peugeot is a leading manufacturer of low emission vehicles and more than half of its global sales are for vehicles emitting less than 140g of co2 per km this performance is based on proven technology peugeot 5008 benefits from this with excellent bluehdi puretech engines all of which are eurovi compliant consumption and emissions petrol 1.2l puretech 130 s&s gearbox 6 speed manual wheel size 17” 18” urban drive cycle mpg 42.8 extra urban drive cycle mpg 58.9 combined drive cycle mpg 52.3 carbon dioxide co2 emissions 124 125 consumption and emissions diesel bluehdi bluehdi is the name given to peugeot’s latest generation of diesel engines the result of a world-famous diesel heritage plus innovation and engineering excellence developed on the race track of le mans bluehdi complies with euro 6 emission standards to deliver exceptional fuel economy and co2 emissions alongside a driving experience rich in power and performance a three stage cleansing process specifically targets the pollutants of diesel combustion removing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide reducing nitrogen oxides by up to 90 and eliminating 99.9 of particulates bluehdi delivers the cleanest diesel engine puretech peugeot puretech is advanced 3-cylinder petrol engine technology that offers a drive and performance normally associated with much bigger engines but with significantly improved fuel consumption and co2 emissions it’s a product of peugeot’s 100 years of intelligent innovative engineering and combines reduced weight materials with the efficiency of applying direct fuel injection to three cylinders winner of the ‘international engine of the year award 2015’ in the 1.0 1.4 litre engine category gear shift indicator the optimal moment to change gear is indicated on the display panel in order to improve fuel consumption 1.6 bluehdi 120 s&s 6 speed manual gearbox 1.6 bluehdi 120 automatic s&s 2.0 bluehdi 150 s&s 6 speed automatic 6 speed manual wheel size 17” 18” 17” 18” 17” 18” urban drive cycle mpg 57.6 56.5 61.4 60.1 60.1 57.6 extra urban drive cycle mpg 70.6 68.9 68.9 68.9 74.3 72.4 combined drive cycle mpg 65.7 64.2 65.7 64.2 68.9 67.3 carbon dioxide co2 emissions 113 115 112 114 108 110 18” wheels the fuel consumption detailed in the table above corresponds to the values approved following european regulations applicable to all manufacturers and to all cars sold in europe these values allow you to compare vehicles and inform your choice urban consumption is obtained over an approximate 4km course of urban type driving extra urban consumption is obtained over an approximate 7km course of extra urban type driving combined fuel consumption is an average of the two courses over an approximate course of 11km these values are obtained under strict test conditions temperature mass characteristics of roller test bench etc and a very steady driving profile real traffic conditions weather conditions driving style tyre pressure extensive use of air conditioning and/or heating and vehicle condition can lead to a variance of consumption different from those approved.