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multi-room music system let the music play

the future is here entertainment that transcends limits let the music play – easy intuitive and wireless in every room of your home the fayola wireless music system transcends the limits of previous audio systems it offers setup freedom with flexible configuration ensures the consistent wireless transmission of music and movie soundtracks in stereo and surround to the speakers features virtually unlimited multi-room capability and is compatible with all streaming services and sound formats intuitive control from a single system to an entire multi-room network is provided by the pioneer remote app for ios and

let the music play the first music system that grows with your needs 2.0 stereo 4.1 multi-channel 2.1 stereo multi-room fayola media center fayola speakers fs-sw40 fs-s40 mrx-5 mrx-3 the fayola media center is the central control unit and the connection point for all your entertainment fayola speakers as a stereo pair are included with every fayola base set the wireless satellite speakers are ideal for music and movie stereo playback all they need is a power source making them highly flexible for placement in the living space the fs-sw40 wireless subwoofer can be added to the fs-w40 base package and is already included in the fs-w50 premium set make movies and music in stereo even more dynamic with added bass volume for impressive entertainment expand your fayola system into a 4.0 or 4.1 multi-channel system with the fs-s40 wireless satellite speakers immerse yourself in premium home entertainment the multi-room speakers of the mrx series are also wireless they are the ideal

play what you want music and home cinema of impressive quality fayola is a music and home cinema system in one delivering audio and video of the best quality thanks to flexible connection and expansion options you can expand the fayola system from a simple 2.0 stereo system to a powerful 4.1 multi-channel system fayola in combination with the pioneer remote app not only lets you control your music throughout the house – with optional usb storage it is also a music

smartphone dvd blu-ray radio dab cd mp3 vinyl streaming connectionsforallyourdevices connects to virtually any device and integrates it with your network fayola is a full-fledged expandable entertainment system for your home network as the central interface for your digital devices such as your smartphone game console blu-ray player,sat receiver and analogue programme sources such as your record player fayola connects to any device either wirelessly using wifi or bluetooth or with an hdmi or cinch cable connection fayola provides you with access to various streaming services and becomes a music server with the addition of usb storage what’s more fayola receives and distributes music from a network drive via ethernet fayola is also a multi-room system and can play back any programme source in every room of your home network fayola is intuitive to use with the pioneer remote app for ios and android enjoy boundless entertainment and never-before-seen wireless freedom select

revolutionary control the pioneer remote app gives you full control with it even complex tasks such as multi-room are simple intuitive and

one operating concept for everything intuitive control with the pioneer remote app on your smartphone and tablet intuitive control multi-room application open for any device perfect synchronicity reliable in every room the pioneer remote app turns your smartphone into a perfect remote control for the fayola system and all devices connected to the home network even complex settings can be configured intuitively using the graphical user interface for optimum user comfort with fayola all multi-room options are available to you through the pioneer remote app each device can play back different content or all of them together can fill the entire house with music in party mode combine individual devices into groups rearrange them according to thesituation and even manage your content and devices with multiple smartphones in parallel fayola and the pioneer remote app offer maximum compatibility since devices from other manufacturers can also be integrated readily into the multi-room system

unlimited media diversity choose from numerous streaming services the new multi room standard fireconnecttm is a powerful and secure wifi-based transmission standard and can® supply up to 8 rooms simultaneously with the same or different programme sources from analogue vinyl to digital media such as cd or blu-ray tv sound tunein internet radio or music from streaming services such as spotify tidal or deezer – fireconnect supplies all of this content to compatible devices in your home network in the best possible quality and without dropouts thanks to the adaptive use of bandwidth playback can be perfectly synchronised between all speakers in the house or individual sources connected in the main room can be made accessible for various users in other rooms fireconnect offers maximum flexibility for your individual multi-room

pure media diversity with integrated chromecast technology integrated chromecast technology connects compatible apps on numerous devices to the fayola music system enjoy convenient wireless access to music internet radio and podcasts from the most popular online services a wide variety of content is already available and the list keeps on growing for further information please visit g.co/cast/audioapps multi-room with hi-res support play-fi supports seamless multi-room audio streaming in hifi and high-resolution audio quality and also expands the selection with numerous additional interesting streaming services multiple speakers in one room can be connected to each other and the possibility of integrating play-fi speakers from various manufacturers gives you even more flexibility in the interplay with fayola further information at https

expand your fayola experience wireless speakers for genuine multi-room throughout the home the wireless speakers in the mrx series are a perfect complement to the fayola music system and in addition to wifi and bluetooth also support fireconnect play-fi and the integrated chromecast technology they can be operated conveniently using the pioneer remote app or conventionally with buttons on the control panel delivering ultimate sound throughout the home thanks to multi-room capability mrx-3 wireless speakers with two 77mm base-midrange speakers and one 28mm tweeter the compact mrx models are capable of producing genuine hifi sound not withstanding their compact dimensions – no wider than an lp cover for even greater dynamics and audio spaciousness they can also be linked in pairs via fireconnect to form stereo units for impressive performance even in larger

wireless speakers with integrated rechargeable battery for wireless freedom without limits mrx speakers with integrated rechargeable battery deliver high-quality entirely wireless sound to every room and even the garden garage pool and summer house enjoy multi-room to the limits of your home network or use the streaming services entirely wireless with your smartphone in the best sound quality mrx-5 wireless speakers with rechargeable battery the mrx-5 is constructed identically to the mrx-3 and has a lithium-ion battery making is especially well suited for outdoor use thanks to the quick-charge function the battery is fully charged in about 2 hours and delivers wireless music enjoyment for many hours wireless multi-room

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