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hi-res entertainment in the palm of your hand digital audio player

unleash entertainment everyday feel music the way the artist intended it also watch movies play games and access your favourite apps using the large touchscreen the xdp-100r offers limitless entertainment at your fingertips with glorious high resolution audio

support for the new `mqa´ format enjoy all your music in high quality sound industry first support for mqa via free update mqa is not simply hi-res high bit rate or high sample rate audio it is a completely different way of capturing delivering and reproducing audio performances which preserve the magic of the original studio recording in a format that‘s small enough to stream supported audio formats dsd dsf/dsdiff flac alac wav aiff ogg vorbis/mp3 aac mqa via free update it´s not just for music with google playtm support the limit to your entertainment is your imagination built on androidtm the possibilities to go beyond being `just a music player´ are endless access to google play enables streaming gaming and all other apps to utilize the large 4.7“ screen with glorious audio reproduction limitless entertainment is now in the palm of your hand

smile from the moment you hold it hear music like you´ve never heard it before

intuitive gui the capacitive touch screen incorporates a newly designed gui that allows swiping vertically between regularly accessed playlists and equalizer settings at the flick of a finger all physical buttons have been placed within easy access allowing for simple one handed operation home screen icons can be arranged and rearranged for a customized user experience high precision eq adjust the sound as you like with up to 16,384 discrete bands to select from and ability to save up to 1,000 of your favourite eq profiles the linear-phase fir equalizer offers high definition equalization with zero loss in audio quality large 4.7“ display make games and movies come alive at 4.7 inches and with 1280 x 720 resolution this device is not just for listening to music it‘s entertainment for your eyes and ears 4.7 inch

whatever you want to hear is at your fingertips

all the music you want wherever you want it there is no need to `sync´ with a home computer music can be purchased and downloaded directly from the onkyomusic store pre-installed and included in the `useful apps´ section 1 2 1 2 3 4 3 4 access onkyomusic via `useful apps´ install onkyomusic purchase music directly from onkyomusic download songs from within the app manage your music with x-dap link for windows along with music downloaded directly from onkyomusic x-dap link will search your music libraries from other services to easily transfer non drm protected music to the xdp-100r x-dap link allows total control over where content is stored up to 432gb of storage with 32gb built in and 2 x microsd card slots each supporting cards up to 200gb a total of 432gb of storage space is available enough to carry your entire hi-res music library in your pocket should you wish

arrange it as you like or play it as is

how deep do you want to pursue `your sound´ hear individual instruments clearer change the soundstage as you like it‘s all available at your fingertips lock range adjust the 7 position lock range adjust improves s/n ratio so you can push the envelope to hear nothing but the music eliminate jitter noise that develops during the conversion of music from digital to analogue digital filter select from sharp/slow/short to adjust the sound characteristics a standard filter that keeps the sound characteristic neutral improved response particularly for stringed instruments allowing for softer resonance and natural sound improves linear startup of sound bringing the sound forward high quality audio unfiltered based on years of component audio development condensed to a portable size high quality dac and amp audio circuitry utilizing ess technology‘s sabre dac `es9018k2m´ and `sabre 9601k´ amp separated amp and player to isolate noise the dac/amp board and the android main

1 2 4 3 8 3 9 10 11 12 12 5 6 7 actual size

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3.5 mm 3 pole headphone out line out mode detachable bumpers to protect input outputs volume knob with 161 step adjust capacitive touch 4.7 inch 1280 x 720 display onkyo speaker for casual listening microphone micro usb-b/otg digital out 8 9 10 11 12 power button next track/ff play/pause previous track/rew dual micro sd card slots support for up to 200gb per slot playback time up to 16 hours playback 96 khz/24 bit headphone out playback wireless the `play thru´ feature sends your hi-res music to other devices via wi-fi apt-x bluetooth support conveniently allows for high quality wireless audio too playback capability by output output output dsd playback dsd playback hires audio playback hires audio playback 3.5mm out line out mode pcm 192 khz/24 bit convert pcm 192 khz/24 bit convert 11.2/5.6/2.8 mhz micro usb-b digital out ”dop” “direct“ “pcm“ transfer 192 khz/24 bit 11.2/5.6/2.8mhz native 384 khz 192 khz 32 bit integer/float 24

digital audio player xdp-100r mainfeatures os android 5.1.1 supported video formats h.263/h.264 avc/h.265 hevc/mpeg-4 sp/vp8/vp9 display 4.7 inch 1280x720 capacitive touch screen supported picture formats jpeg/gif/png/bmp/webp internal memory 32gbincluding system area max output power 75 mw 75 mw 32 Ω expansion memory microsdsdxc slot x2 thd less than 0.006 wi-fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wi-fi direct/wps sensitivity greater than 115db bluetooth profiles a2dp/avrcp/hsp/opp/hid/pan codecs sbc/aptx frequency response 20 hz 80,000 hz impedance 16 300 Ω supported audio formats dsddsf/dsdiff flac/alac/wav/aiff/ogg-vorbis mp3/aac/mqavia free update input terminal 3.5 mm headphone output w/line out mode micro usb/otg output power data transfer sampling frequency and bit rate 44.1 khz/48 khz/88.2 khz/96 khz/176.4 khz/192 khz/352.8 khz/384 khz 16 bit/24 bit 32 bit float/integer will convert to 24 bit 2.8 mhz/5.6 mhz/11.2 mhz 1 bit pcm conversion gain setting low/normal/high playback approx