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Catalog Complete Range of Watering Systems for Breeders and Pullets 2016

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industry leader since 1964 compact breeder drinker clip 2100044 20m nylon cord 2m per drinker 2100082 nylon cord in 50m 164’ rolls 2100084 breeder drinker recommended number of compact drinkers per 1,000 adult birds 10-12 clip 2100044 recommended number of drinkers per 1,000 adult birds 10-12 circumference of outer lip 112 cm 44.1 20m nylon cord circumference of outer lip 110 cm 44 cord adjuster 2100010 2m per drinker 2100082 inline shut-off optional union 1/4 2 units 2100039 2208025 handle hook 2140018 30m flexible tube 3m per drinker 5.7mm i.d 9.0mm o.d 2100077 water level adjuster 2140009 mechanism complete 2102051 o-ring 2102038 2 units 2100039 filter element 2100056 mechanism lock collar 2140011 stainless steel spring 2106039 down spout 2140014 compact breeder drinker complete 2106000 bell 2106034 10 units per carton 1 unit per line 1 unit per house 1 unit line head kit 2205730 flexible tube 1/2” 2209085 suspension clip 2209016 1 unit per line 1 unit also used as

pla sso noffers yo u wo r l d optimum performance plasson provides a full range of nipple systems for breeders and pullets which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor made to your poultry needs superbly suited to hot climates plasson’s watering systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic condition with special expertise in excessively hot climates cl a ss nipple syste m s nıpple systems for breeders pullets aluminum profile for suspension plasson is known worldwide as a leader in quality systems every nipple leaving plasson manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing using specially developed computerized testing systems plasson’s investment in advanced r&d trained staff and the use of the highest quality materials are your promise for optimum performance dark gray with tray 5-6 breeders-male 8-10 pullets/breeders-female installation requirements 1 if water is supplied from the main pipeline incoming pressure to the header kit