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plasson advanced feeding system for broilers best results optimum performance innovative design of pan without grill for better animal welfare easy access to feed from start to finish retaining lip minimizes feed waste pan design helps stimulate feed consumption during operation plasson’s high quality feeders designed to last globalpresence

plasson advanced feeding system for broilers smart control pan unit auto flood feeder plastic hopper fill system “t” drop pvc pipes intermediate control pan manual flood feeder single double side stainless steel hopper boot easy feed with feed drop set also available in galvanized fill system “cross auger” control unit manual flood feeder with shutoff single double side silo boot chick start for ribbed smooth pipes galvanized silo regular pneumatic filling options galvanized pipes augers 11819 1.15 globalpresence localcommitment 08020331e_14 plasson poultry division maagan michael d.n menashe 3780500 israel tel +972-73-2413001 fax +972-73-2333711 e-mail poultry@plasson.co.il