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p lassonoffersyouthe wo r l d ’s nipple drinker systems for broilers optimum performance •  a wide range of nipple drinker systems •  choose the nipple and flow rate that suits you best •  industry highest flow rate allow you to use less nipples •  •  •  •  and save money high flow rate system ensures a uniform hydrated flock highest quality and reliability outstanding service best results superbly suited to hot climates •  plasson’s nipples are designed to meet the demands of any climatic conditions •  special expertise in excessively hot climates helping you meet market demands for heavy-weight broilers •  heavy birds need more water •  plasson nipple systems supply the highest amount of water at the slightest touch •  with plasson high flow nipple you can easily reach broiler weight up to 4.5 kg 10 lb

b estnippledrinking plasson’s complete watering system plasson continuously strives to offer you the best solutions to complete your system system to enhance your system we recommend 1 plasson water on demand system can operate a 24 hour varying pressure profile providing optimal water supply during peak consumption and automatically allowing lower perssure settings and less spillage during lower activity periods •  water control panel optional filter electric water meter descaling unit,medicatorline head •  patented slope regulators – for sloped houses •  line end 2 automatic flushing system •  super easy chick start – supplementary drinker optional installing plasson’s automatic flushing system will simplify flushing of lines plasson’s vast experience investment in advanced r&d trained staff and the use of the highest quality materials are your guaranty for best service and optimum performance

plasson nipple drinker systems for broilers list of parts per 3m 10’ section nylon cord short aluminum profile for external connector in 50m 164’ rolls 2209023 1 unit 2100084 approx 3m 10’ per section cord adjuster 1/4” stainless steel bolts x 10mm 3/8” 2100018 2209017 1 unit 2 units suspension clip 2209016 1 1/4” stainless steel nut unit 2209018 2 units aluminium profile for external connector 2205167 1 unit 25mm pvc pipe 3m 10’ external connector for 25mm pvc pipe 2205136/7/8/9/1/2/5 2205035 1 unit available with a choice of 6,7,8,9,10,12 or 15 nipples per section 1 unit nipples for broilers grey tray 2205007 2205001 orange 2205009 secs super easy chick start 2205548 yellow 2205202 supplementary for the first 7 days of brooding if required accessories per line head kit filter 1” nipple assembly tool slope regulator 2205730 2209079 2205420 1 unit per house 1 unit per installation 2205671 slope regulator 15 cm available also at 10