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nipple line head end kits automatic flushing system 2012 plasson automatic flushing system advantages • fresh water for the bird • colder water for the bird in hot climate • cleaner system • improved system longevity • labor saving globalpresence

nipple line head end kit line head pressure regulator kit 2205730 mid line pressure regulator kit 2205751 • accommodates the highest flow rate in the market • offers a wide range of required outlet pressures • • • • • virtually independent of inlet pressure quick and simple installation easy to operate half turn built in high pressure flush reliable trouble free operation operates either from line head or mid line plasson pressure regulator • • • it is recommended to connect the flexible hose as shown if water is supplied from main pipeline incoming pressure to header kit should be 1.5 bar 22psi max 2 bar 30psi if water is supplied from a header tank the header tank should be at least 3m 10ft above floor level outlet pressure range 0-1 meter water 0-40” water/0-1.5 psi to switch regulator to high pressure flushing turn flushing valve to “flush” position warning silicone lubricants may be used avoid

nipple line head end kit line end pressure regulator kit 2205772 • flushing between flocks – the flexible tube should be in a straight line • flushing during the growing periodthe flexible tube should be installed one and a half meters high mid line shut off valve 2205769 • enables closing of the water for part of the poultry house when brooding or at the end of the flock • enables free passage for grower across the nipple line portable pressure gauge mobile 2205799 • portable gauge to check nipple system pressure • enables testing of pressure in nipple systems at any place along the nipple line controller for plasson automatic flush system 2205686 the automatic flush system must be connected to a plasson controller or to an existing controller with a suitable flushing program plasson controller advantages the controller is specially designed for automatic flushing systems large variety of programming options • programming of flushing

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