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plasson’s slope regulator a fraction of the cost of a pressure regulator significant time and labour saving no need for adjustment over the brood period no need for a by-pass during flushing the cost effective solution for sloping houses globalpresence

slope regulator how to install the plasson slope regulator in the plasson nipple drinker system note ensure that a filter unit is installed at the inlet of the poultry drinker system during installation and connection ensure that all parts of the system are clean dirt in the nipple line can cause the slope regulator to malfunction to achieve optimal results do the following 1 before assembling the line ensure that the pipes are clean and free of wood shavings pvc chips and any other type of dirt 2 assemble the nipple line without the slope regulator and flush the line at a high pressure for 10 minutes the slope regulator should be installed at intervals of height differentials of 6 7 15 cm 18 cm the slope regulator is installed between two sections replacing the normal insert fittings ensure that the slope regulator is connected in the correct direction the arrow on the slope regulator indicates the direction of the water flow the connecting piece must be fitted into the groove