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plasson’s slope regulator for sloped houses the new and original plasson slope regulator with the innovative bayonet connection benefits •  easy quick installation •  easy cleaning and maintenance •  ensures equal pressure along nipple lines at all pressure levels •  keeps litter drier •  significantly better results ass r a by-p ofdee no n ushing during fl available at 10 cm 15 cm 30 cm reduc tion globalpresence

slope regulator plasson slope regultaor installation instructions •  ensure that a filter unit is installed at the inlet of the system •  before assembling the line ensure that the pipes are clean and free of wood shavings pvc chips and any other type of dirt •  before assembling the slope regulator assemble nipple line and flush the line at high pressure for 10 minutes •  the slope regulator should be installed at intervals •  ensure that the slope regulator is connected in the correct direction the arrow on the slope regulator indicates the direction of the water flow •  the connecting piece must be fitted into the groove on top of the slope regulator to ensure that the slope regulator does not revolve freely when installed in place •  slide the sight tube stand on the sight tubes from above the sight tube stand should be attached to the “flat” side of the connecting piece the nut