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single edge razor blade hot wire foam cutter hot wire foam cutters extra long single edge razor blade tube fitting plastic for squared tube 10 32 brass set screw clear acrylic tubing double kitchen sink plastic square tubing chain link fence oil storage tank 6 chain link fence gate flat camel hair brush oil storage tank drawings security chain link fence plastic square tube connector hot wire cutter hot wire foam miniature gear box hot wire foam cutting counter sunk screw living room sets dining room sets nylon cable ties 6 volt light bulb 25 volt tube end caps d tubing end cap chain link fence 1 14 plastic square tube fitting 12 volt mini light bulbs amber tubing end cap connector 12 volt mini light bulbs red 12 volt mini light bulbs construction fittings for 1 square tubing white bedroom chest of drawers chain link fence and post nylon cable tie propane and butane plastic chain link fence and post plastic end caps for d tubing plastic end caps for tubing 24 light bulb socket 6 steel tube end caps drive belt tensioner assembly brass set screws brass set screw plastic end caps 19 pin male 19 female pin 8 32 brass set screw plastic end caps and plastic rod plastic end caps for tubes white wood chest of drawers 1 14 x 1 12 x 1 14 tee white chest of drawers large chest of drawers

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for your information plastruct plastics the most commonly used plastic materials are 1 2 3 4 5 abs known for its strength durability and workability butyrate pliable machinable and durable styrene compatible strong and workable acrylic rigid strong and generally brittle copolyester pliable stress resistant and durable plastic has been used whenever possible because it is easier and faster to work with than wood metal or cardboard plastic can be sawed blade cut drilled lathe-turned carved sanded and filled most standard woodworking tools may be used on plastic and it will not splinter plastic parts join in seconds with small amounts of liquid solvent cement for bonding plastic sheet materials to foam wood or masonite contact cement can be used for large sheet stock many professionals prefer to use counter sunk screws for attachment a spray adhesive is sometimes easier for small jobs abs abs has been hailed by professional modelmakers as “the best all-around construction

structural shapes fences railings style b style a style d style c style g style f style j style e style h style i style k style l style n style o style gate style m use for fences commonly found in agricultural residential industrial commercial and many other settings some styles may also be used for railings or trellises precision injection molded in white styrene plastic or acid etched in brass as noted ideal for all model construction h for custom chain link fence code fen-4 see page 107 w actual size code fen-12 fen-14 fen-15 fen-18 fen-24 fen-28 fen-31 fen-32 fen-34 fen-38 fen-42 fen-44 fen-48 fen-52 fen-54 fen-58 fen-64 fen-68 fen-74 fen-78 fen-84 fen-88 fen-94 fen-98 gate-98 fen-108 fen-118 scale n ho ho o ho o n ho o n ho o n ho o ho o ho o ho o ho oooo two 4” pieces 1:200 1:100 1:100 1:48 1:100 1:48 1:500 1:200 1:100 1:48 1:200 1:100 1:48 1:200 1:100 1:48 1:100 1:48 1:100 1:48 1:100 1:48 1:100 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48 ‘h’ 1/4” 11/32” 17/32”

tubing fittings abs flanged cap heads i.d use for vertical and horizontal tank ends when making storage tanks for oil processing plants or for heat exchangers may also be used for manway covers precision injection molded in abs and butyrate plastic code shown is for medium gray abs to fit code tube vhf-12 vhf-14 vhf-16 vhf-18 vhf-20 vhf-24 vhf-28 vhf-32 vhf-36 vhf-40 12 14 16 18 20 24 28 32 36 40 o.d actual size o.d 5/8” 11/16” 3/4” 13/16” 7/8” 1” 1-5/32” 1-9/32” 1-7/16” 1-9/16” 15.9mm 17.5mm 19.1mm 20.6mm 22.2mm 25.4mm 29.4mm 32.5mm 36.5mm 39.7mm i.d 15/64” 19/64” 23/64” 27/64” 31/64” 39/64” 47/64” 55/64” 63/64” 1-7/64” 6.0mm 7.5mm 9.1mm 10.7mm 12.3mm 15.5mm 18.7mm 21.8mm 25.0mm 28.2mm note these products are also available in the following colors to order add the color abbreviation listed below to the end of the product code example vhc-20bk w bk white butyrate

woodstock midwest basswood strips basswood strips possess a close tight homogeneous grain structure making it ideal for a wide variety of hobby craft and architectural scratch model projects precision cutting provides consistent high quality strips at economic prices preferred by most hobbyists because of its workability and finishing quality h w actual size code ‘h’ bass-136 bass-148 bass-22 bass-24 bass-28 bass-236 bass-248 bass-33 bass-336 bass-348 bass-44 bass-48 bass-436 bass-448 bass-66 bass-636 bass-648 bass-88 bass-816 bass-836 bass-848 bass-1212 bass-1236 bass-1616 .040 .040 1/16” 1/16” 1/16” 1/16” 1/16” 3/32” 3/32” 3/32” 1/8” 1/8” 1/8” 1/8” 3/16” 3/16” 3/16” 1/4” 1/4” 1/4” 1/4” 3/8” 3/8” 1/2” ‘w’ 1.0mm 1.0mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 2.4mm 2.4mm 2.4mm 3.2mm 3.2mm 3.2mm 3.2mm 4.8mm 4.8mm 4.8mm 6.4mm 6.4mm 6.4mm 6.4mm

plain patterned sheet paper patterned sheet a wide variety of exterior and interior patterns in several popular scales printed appropriately on either glossy paper or heavy .010 0.3mm matte stock in an appropriate color to match the pattern these sheets are easily applied to most surfaces using double stick tape or any other adhesive transfer mechanism please note the listed scales are only suggestions as many patterns have no definitive size the following illustrations provide a full-scale actual size image of the pattern and all patterns are shown in their horizontal view dimensions are listed horizontal first then vertical sold in packages of 2 sheets only maple wood paneling dollhouse 1:12 scale code psp-20 7-1/2” x 10” 190mm x 250mm oak wood paneling dollhouse 1:12 scale code psp-21 7-1/2” x 10” 190mm x 250mm elm wood paneling dollhouse 1:12 scale code psp-22 7-1/2” x 10” 190mm x 250mm mahogany wood paneling dollhouse 1:12 scale code psp-23

detail architectural parts urethane styrene plastic scale boats style c style f style i style a style k style d style l style j style g style m style b style e style n style p style h add detail and scale to your layout or model with these detailed boats use styrene rod and tissue paper to fabricate masts precision molded in urethane plastic or injection molded in white styrene plastic actual size code bt-100a bt-100b bt-100d bt-100g bt-200b bt-200c bt-200f bt-200h bt-250f bt-500d bt-600a bt-600b bt-1200a bt-1200b bt-1200c scale 1/8” 1’-0” 1:100 1/8” 1’-0” 1:100 1/8” 1’-0” 1:100 1/8” 1’-0” 1:100 1/16” 1’-0” 1:200 1/16” 1’-0” 1:200 1/16” 1’-0” 1:200 1/16” 1’-0” 1:200 1/20” 1’-0” 1:250 1/40” 1’-0” 1:500 1/50” 1’-0” 1:600 1/50” 1’-0” 1:600

landscaping plastrees fir trees quality ready-made evergreen style trees for instant landscaping sturdy yet realistic at very reasonable prices varying shades of green randomly packaged in clear tubes for protection hand fabricated from nylon wire and foam sizes above 25 include brown taped trunk height includes the appropriate trunk length dimensions are approximate and may vary actual size code fir-7 fir-11 fir-25 fir-45 fir-50 fir-90 fir-125 fir-175 fir-225 fir-375 height 1/2” 3/4” 1-1/4” 2” 2-7/16” 3-3/4” 4-7/8” 6-3/4” 9” 15” 12.7mm 19.1mm 31.8mm 50.8mm 61.9mm 95.3mm 123.8mm 171.5mm 230.0mm 380.0mm scale height width 6.4mm 9.5mm 12.7mm 28.6mm 34.9mm 50.8mm 57.2mm 66.7mm 69.9mm 95.3mm 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 1-1/8” 1-3/8” 2” 2-1/4” 2-5/8” 2-3/4” 3-3/4” g 1:24 4’-0” 4’-6” 7’-6” 10’-0” 13’-6”

landscaping plasturf ground foams pkg code foam-101 foam-102 foam-103 foam-104 foam-105 foam-106 foam-201 foam-202 foam-203 foam-204 foam-205 foam-206 foam-301 foam-302 foam-303 foam-304 foam-305 foam-306 gc-1 gc-2 gc-3 gc-5 gc-6 gc-7 gc-8 gc-9 gc-10 gc-20 gc-24 gc-25 gc-30 gc-31 gc-32 gc-33 gc-35 gc-36 gc-37 gc-38 gc-39 gc-40 gc-41 gc-42 gc-43 gc-46 gc-47 gc-48 gc-49 color spring green grass green conifer green olive green gold straw dark earth spring green grass green conifer green olive green gold straw dark earth spring green grass green conifer green olive green gold straw dark earth light green mix medium green mix dark green mix light green mix medium green mix dark green mix dark cedar mix lush green mix dark green mix green mix sugar maple mix autumn mix green mix spring green grass green evergreen autumn mix leaf green bright green mint green autumn gold autumn red spring green grass green evergreen burnt grass light earth dark earth yellow straw texture usage fine turf

glues tools accessories the true sander the new true sander from northwest shortline is a great companion to the chopper as a useful tool for rapid and accurate finishing of wood or styrene strip rod and small profiles provides a perfect square-fit end to most model parts aluminum sanding block will accept any commercially available sand paper included mitre allows accurate 30° 45° and 60° angles base size 7-1/2” 190mm x 7-1/2” 190mm code ht-705 berna assemblers a versatile lightweight clamping system more convenient and easier to use than the conventional metal or plastic clamps each assembler allows complete control of force applied with flexible rubber buffers that adjust to contours in the model part package contains two large and one small assembler connectors and complete instructions code ht-725 window screen/fence mesh 7” 175mm x 10” 250mm flexible mesh ideal for doll house or large scale model railroad buildings window screen material

d t technology and education pulleys propellers pulleys with set screws professional quality nylon pulleys with brass set screw hubs for secure installations designed for use with 3/32 2.4mm axles however the brass hubs may be drilled out to fit larger axles actual code puly-210 puly-213 puly-219 puly-225 puly-232 o.d 3/8” 1/2” 3/4” 1” 1-1/4” 9.5mm 12.7mm 19.1mm 25.4mm 31.8mm 3 blade propeller this 5 125mmdia plastic propeller can be easily adapted to fit on our mot-1 and mot-2 motors for use as a fan or can be fitted on many other driving devices for air or water projects code prop-3 propeller with drive shaft 1 o.d 25mm plastic propeller attached to a 5/64 2.0mm x 7-1/2 190mm long shaft inside a 6 150mm long brass tube housing use our hose-1 flex tubing as a universal joint for coupling to a drive source code prop-1 132 photo courtesy of steve faxon dallas