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shade ages colors shade structures the national program for playground safety recommends include shade covering in the design of playground equipment and recreational areas some states require a percentage of the playground be shaded check for your state s requirements check for options materials materials all nature of early playtm products are made from 100 recycled post-consumer hdpe plastic milk jugs with recycled r stainless steel hardware these heavy-duty durable materials are able to withstand years of extreme weather and s p constant usage making them perfect for outdoor commercial applications although they are great struc tural plastic indoors too tm all products are 100 pvc bpa and phthalate free rsptm recycled structural plastictm play mart produces our proprietary plastic lumber made from 100 post-consumer recycled plastic except for uv and structural additives on our in-house extrusion line sourcing only pure clean recycled hdpe high density

garden planter 1 w x 1 h x 4 l fits 4 vine house 1 w x 1 h x 5 l also available fits click clack trike tunnel garden arbor and vine house planter 2 cube farmer s market little farmers can take their produce and display it at the farmer s market garden garden raised bed wanting to reconnect young children with nature try this garden raised bed sized for young ones to get their hands messy and learn about growing veggies flowers or just what dirt feels like perfect for outdoor applications although great indoors too 2 w x 1 h x 4 l planter 1 w x 1 h x 3 l fits 3 vine house modbox 24 l x 12 w x 12 h in addition to plants they can become storage for loose parts portable sandboxes turned upside down for a table stage train etc see other modbox sizes on page 50 planter 2 cube perfect for portable kid-gardening or permanent landscaping 14 for more information and to view current product designs visit 800-43-plays a copyright 2010 play mart inc

sand sand not included with any sand play products sand ramp and chute walls inspires creativity children can pour sand water gravel small balls pebbles etc through the ramp and chute mazes and watch through clear plastic as the materials dance their way downward exceptional when combined with a sandbox available individually or attached scalloped sand cube this versatile sand box allows young children to dig getting their hands dirty in sand dirt gravel etc allows their minds to develop with tactile stimulation and creative play wavy-opening on toy ledge 2 cube elevated sandbox with roto-molded cover elevated rsp sand box with roto-molded cover with support stand lid protects sand from the elements and critters 5 x 5 box and 5 x 5 covering 20 for more information and to view current product designs visit 800-43-plays a copyright 2010 play mart inc

water water basin and fountain child activated pump and basin water drains into a reservoir to be recirculated through the filter again does not collect in basin trike galaxy trike house trikers can motor through or stop and use their imagination with the play panels steering wheel bubble panels or see the stars through the galaxy roof bubbler child activated fountain with pumping action on play mart s exclusive hand-operated pump flows over a clear plastic bubble and collects in a circular trough surrounding the bubble fountain which then drains into a reservoir to be recirculated through a filter again click clack trike tunnel kids on trikes scooties riding through the tunnel make the click clack sound similar to a train add planter boxes page 14 to make it a covered bridge complete with vines approximately 5 x 5 x 5 pumphouse two child-activated pumps with different water fountains fill two troughs leading to two water bowls kids can build rock dams in the troughs or sail

ride `n climb bouncy animals available with super easy foundation age appropriate for preschoolers only safety surfacing required for all products on this page safety surfacing required for all products on this page ride `n climb sunshine mountain moveable mountain climber for small children safety surfacing recommended also available in green frog plastic whale plastic caterpillar cast aluminum duck cast aluminum zebra cast aluminum tot rocker climber shuttle ecocolor plastic tm spinning stool ecocolortm plastic seat that spins one or more kids on each seat internal bearings that rotate smoothly 12 h x 18 diameter seat preschool only motorcycle roto molded plastic airplane roto molded plastic four rockers make a kid korral for little cowboys and cowgirls or ring around the rosie games rockers available individually preschool only 5 l x 3 w per rocker wild west horse kids can climb ride hide or have some private space inside the horse s belly preschool only approx 4 l x

infant infant maze infants gain mobility strength visual stimulation spatial development and social skills by crawling rolling or motoring through creative play spaces includes turning blocks peek-a-boo panels bubbles mirror infant pull up handles and an adult access door 8 x 7 no safety surfacing required infant play house covered infant space six moveable panels to either keep tots contained or let them motor up and down the three ramps to have access to mirrors pull up handles peek-a-boo holes and steering wheels 8 x 7 with a safety zone of 12 x 11 38 for more information and to view current product designs visit 800-43-plays a copyright 2010 play mart inc

seating shown with roof and optional side-arms with cup holders seating preschool bench highly portable and yet heavy duty enough to withstand kids sitting or standing on without warping no splinters like wood benches 4 l butterfly chair light weight stable child chair in butterfly shape fits small bodies indoor or outdoor will be sized for your age group see butterfly table on page 48 ball seat small roto-molded moveable seat ergo-ecobenchtm 6 and 4 adult size play mart s exclusive ergo-ecobenchtm is the ultimate in luxurious outdoor seating modeled after ergonomically-minded office furniture the bench provides superb lumbar support according to many testers this is the bench that fits all rears parents and care-givers will enjoy relaxing in the shade during recess time on the ergo-ecobenchtm with roof side-arms with cup holders only complete the luxury of this oh-so-comfortable bench you have to try it to believe it many folks have told us they would rather stay put once

storage modboxes these versatile boxes work as benches stacked as shelves for supplies craft counter stepping stools or planters open-side up and much more multiple units can be attached to each other and re-configured to any shape desired with included wing-nuts bolts using pre-drilled holes made from recycled heavy-duty durable plastic and stainless steel hardware materials perfect for outdoor applications although great indoors too dimensions 24 l x 8 w x 8 h shown or 24 l x 12 w x 12 h see page 14 configuration chameleons modboxes adapt to your environment treasure trays children love to collect treasures and now there s a place to store their collections our sorter has 3 trays that pull out from either side of the frame removing completely to set on a table each tray has 3-6 compartments just move a clear plastic center divider to go from 3 to 6 clear plastic tray ends allow easy visibility one pin locks all trays in the cabinet made from recycled heavy-duty durable plastic

dramatic play driving panel wall packed with six activity panels for young ones to manipulate two driving panels dialer traffic sign peek-a-boo and mirror panels 9.5 l x 5 w dramatic play fun center infants up to toddlers will entertain themselves with a multitude of interactive panels and crawl through openings 7.5 l x 6 w ball toss wall either with clown or panda panel available individually or with other panels as a panel wall can be used with balls bean bags sand bags pine cones etc 7.5 l x 4 w amphitheater safety zone 24 x 22 minimum surfacing 465 sq ft minimum borders 81 commercial playground warranty applies teleidoscope nope it s not a typo telescope kaleidoscope teleidoscope exclusive design by play mart can be used by two young spies at once who see either triangular or circular shaped reflections play stage dramatic play stage consists of slightly elevated platforms with window panels for tots to paint their background scenery and covered costume dressing area 7

playsets toddler activity deck safety zone 24 x 23 minimum surfacing 470 sq ft minimum borders 81 commercial playground warranty applies to all playsets on this page commercial playground warranty applies to all playsets on this page playsets toddler activity crawler safety zone 28 x 20 minimum surfacing 490 sq ft minimum borders 84 toddler tunnel maze safety zone 31 x 19 minimum surfacing 465 sq ft minimum borders 82 62 for more information and to view current product designs visit 800-43-plays a copyright 2010 play mart inc