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play houses tipi the ultimate in imaginative ethnic play-houses our tipi is designed after authentic native american dwellings of the great plains originally these homes were often stretched with bison skins our tipi covering emulates the original but without the fuss made from durable outdoor fabric with velcro closure and tiebacks wide range of colors available customizable fabric covering see for more details play houses open tipi door with tiebacks tipi door secured closed with velcro closure skylight lets in light even with closed door vine house the perfect hideout for young children to read make-believe enjoy quiet time beneath vines or watch birds come and go arched rsptm recycled structural plastictm structure is best when combined with our planters see garden play connect our bird house see garden play to the top of the arch or set a modbox see storage inside for a reading bench the possibilities are endless bird house planters and modboxes sold separately 48 l x 48 w shown also available 36 l x 42 w ecoroof house authentic green roof modules like those grown on commercial roofs contain specific plant varieties sedums primarily and growing media which meets fll criteria they detoxify and oxygenate the air attract beneficial insects and butterflies and reduce rain run off children will enjoy playing in the shade below the ecoroof add modboxes 24 l x 12 w x 12 h for seats play stage or planters stack two high for counters and shelving see page 50 for modbox ideas and sizes the pre-vegetated trays are shipped direct from the grower from march 15 through october 15 only some maintenance such as watering and spot weeding is required ecotrays measure 1 l x 2 w x 3.3 h and weigh 70 lbs each ecoroof house is 5 l x 5 w x 5 h phytosanitary certificates available as required 800-43-plays a copyright 2010 play mart inc 52 for more information and to view current product designs visit 53