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best practice guidance to flooring selection school floors have to be hardwearing and tough the required performance of flooring throughout any educational environment can differ by area depend upon the function of the space the age of the pupils expected activity levels and the intensity of footfall as the choice of floorcoverings available in the marketplace is extensive the department for education dfe has produced flooring guidance documentation to assist with the uk specification process priority schools building programme now in its second phase the priority schools building programme psbp was originally established to address the needs of those schools in the worst condition that required urgent repair and were to be delivered via capital funding or private finance funding the programme is managed and procured by the education funding agency efa which in turn is sponsored by the department for education dfe baseline designs for schools these are a collection of standardised

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well-designed learning environments based on the results of the head project holistic evidence and design funded by the engineering and physical sciences research council clear evidence has been found that well-designed primary schools boost children’s academic performance in reading writing and maths three types of physical characteristic of the classrooms were assessed as part of the study stimulation complexity colour balance open v private according to the study it is considered that differences in the physical characteristics of classrooms explained 16 of the variation in learning progress over a year for the 3766 english primary school pupils the project was based within primary schools as children at this stage in their learning spend the vast majority of their time in one room where it appears both they and the teacher relate strongly to the classroom environment extracts taken from clever classrooms university of salford naturalness light temperature air quality noise

products in combination design colour and the use of patterns can transform any educational facility also flooring with different performance characteristics can work in combination to suit an array of different interior schemes high design meets functionality the latest innovation in luxury vinyl tiles affinity255 has been developed to work alongside 2mm vinyl sheet flooring within heavy commercial interiors including the education sector this creates a flooring solution that bridges different zones within a building from entrances to exits without compromising on style and durability pearlazzo pur affinity 255 dual purpose areas for larger dual purpose rooms where different flooring types are required for different purposes for instance in a dining area a standard 2mm safety vinyl sheet floor can be installed around the food serving area where there is an increased risk of spillages which blends harmoniously with affinity255 as the high design floor leads diners towards the seating

environmental performance polyflor has had iso 14001 an excellent rating and all refurbishments environmental management achieve a very good rating under breeam® certification since 2000 education all facilities practices and objectives for improvement and development are regularly monitored by external auditors as polyflor constantly looks for ways to further minimise the bre individually assessed ratings polyflor’s safety homogeneous the materials section makes up 12.5 of the overall scoring offering 12 credits in total mat 01 life cycle impact environmental impact of its operations and heterogeneous and 3 points using bre a rated product products lvt ranges have been 1 point bonus ‘uplift’ point for specific bre lca/epd individually assessed by polyflor minimises the use and waste of bre global to measure their environmental resources through various energy saving impact the ratings are a to e with a initiatives and by using recycled and mat 03 responsible

the versatility of vinyl for many decades polyflor has been recognised as a leading global manufacturer of high quality high performance floorcoverings as one of our core markets the needs and requirements of the education sector are at the heart of our vinyl product portfolio through the availability of multi-functional products education premises are varied and often complex sites and floor finishes are required to meet both the functional and aesthetic standards of many different spaces polyflor vinyl flooring is available in an extensive range of looks textures and performance properties due to its hardwearing water-resistant nature and ease of cleaning vinyl is often the product of choice for many of today’s modern educational facilities with options to suit budgets for both new build and refurbishment schemes specify with confidence all polyflor ranges meet relevant independent flooring standards for general performance slip resistance acoustics and durability

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acoustic floor design collections target nuisance noise building bulletin 93 published in 2003 by the department for education sets out minimum performance standards for the acoustics of school buildings as it is generally considered that poor acoustics within an educational environment can have a detrimental effect on educational outcomes for both pupils and staff intended for designers and building control bodies bb93 gives the performance targets for compliance with part e of the building regulations “we specifically wanted an acoustic floorcovering to help create a more peaceful learning environment for our pupils where excessive noise from foot traffic around classrooms would be less of a distraction.” jed queally business manager at northampton academy the acoustic characteristics of schools are controlled by part e of the building regulations school premises regulations and the independent school standards which apply to new and existing schools and where the

good practice maintaining a clean environment it is important to regularly assess the various locations within an education environment and to be flexible about the maintenance employed in them however one requirement they all share is the need for the complete floor to be visibly clean including all edges and corners to assist with the maintenance of a clean and safe education environment detailed floorcare guidance is available for all products along with a list of cleaning products approved for use with polyflor floorcoverings it’s important to remember that cleaning and disinfecting are two entirely separate processes and should be treated as such within the school’s standard maintenance procedures all cleaning products should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions chlorinebased products can be used on polyflor vinyl floorcoverings design service the polyflor design service completing the picture there’s virtually no limit to the

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