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vinyl underlay underlay for interlocking vinyl flooring polyflor international tm vinyl loc underlay has a connection system that slots tightly together vinyl loc underlay is supplied in a convenient box polyflor head office tm polyflor ltd po box 3 radcliffe new road whitefield manchester m45 7nr uk uk sales direct lit279 09/14 +44 0161 767 1122 uk fax +44 0161 767 1128 reception +44 0161 767 1111 uk sample requests +44 0161 767 2551 export fax +44 0161 767 1166 e-mail export sales direct +44 0161 767 191 3 technical support +44 0161 767 1912 website simple to use and easy to install provides improved comfort underfoot smooths out minor subfloor imperfections acoustic benefits including 19db impact sound reduction anti slip

vinyl underlay underlay for interlocking vinyl flooring polyflor vinyl loc underlay is designed to meet the installation requirements of interlocking vinyl flooring for use in both the home and light commercial interiors the pressure resistant and joint-friendly foam core of vinyl loc underlay provides an even flooring structure that is stable and comfortable to walk on the innovative anti-slip surface enhances the durability of the chosen floor protects the floor smoothes minor subfloor imperfections ensuring the floor stays even for a consistent finish comfort under foot vinyl loc underlay has a foam core for increased walking comfort improved acoustics and impact sound reduction impact sound reduction level of 19db exceeding current building regulations shock-absorbing flooring structure reducing walking noise in the room by 3db ideal for use in apartments and bedrooms reducing the noise that is transmitted to neighbouring rooms simple to use polyflor vinyl loc underlay is very