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max pond size liner size lxwxd metres 0.9 x 0.4 x 0.3 2.5 x 2 1.4 x 0.4 x 0.3 3x2 1.4 x 0.9 x 0.3 3 x 2.5 1 x 1 x 0.5 3x3 1.5 x 1 x 0.5 3.5 x 3 2 x 1 x 0.5 4x3 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 4 x 3.5 2 x 2 x 0.5 4x4 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 4.5 x 4 3 x 1 x 0.5 5x3 2x1x1 5x4 2 x 1.5 x 1 5 x 4.5 2x2x1 5x5 2 x 2.5 x 1 5 x 5.5 4 x 1 x 0.5 6x3 3x1x1 6x4 3 x 1.5 x 1 6 x 4.5 3x2x1 6x5 3 x 2.5 x 1 6 x 5.5 3x3x1 6x6 3 x 3.5 x 1 6 x 6.5 5 x 1 x 0.5 7x3 4x1x1 7x4 4x2x1 7x5 4 x 2.5 x 1 7 x 5.5 4x3x1 7x6 4 x 3.5 x 1 7 x 6.5 4x4x1 7x7 4.5 x 3 x 1 7.5 x 6 4.5 x 4 x 1 7.5 x 7 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 7.5 x 7.5 6 x 1 x 0.5 8x3 5x1x1 8x4 5x2x1 8x5 5x3x1 8x6 5x4x1 8x7 5x5x1 8x8 6x2x1 9x5 6x3x1 9x6 6x4x1 9x7 6x5x1 9x8 6x6x1 9x9 7x2x1 10 x 5 7x3x1 10 x 6 7x4x1 10 x 7 7x5x1 10 x 8 7x6x1 10 x 9 7x7x1 10 x 10 flexiliner ldpe 15yr 25yr 40yr £7.45 £8.94 £11.18 £13.41 £15.65 £17.88 £20.86 £23.84 £26.82 £22.35 £29.80 £33.53 £37.25 £40.98 £26.82 £35.76 £40.23 £44.70 £49.17 £53.64 £58.11

pond pumps pond fun superfish zen deco ornaments bring a touch of the orient to your water garden with these frost-resistant ornaments dimensions approximately 50cm 1’ 8” high new your pond pump creates water movement and can fulill a number of actions we stock the complete range see below for which type is right for your needs pack deal buy all four designs for £149.99 save £24.97 usual selling price £174.96 all in one pg 18 all-in-one pump and filter units are a recent innovation that does away with the idea of a separate pump filter and uvc here everything is built into one handy submerged unit perfect for patio ponds and newcomers to the hobby solar pumps stone buddah rrp £69.95 our price £59.99 stone pagoda rrp £49.95 our price £44.99 pagoda red rrp £39.50 our price £34.99 superfish waterfall 44cm koi spawning brush this waterfall can be used to feed a hand-built stone waterfall creates a more realistic flow than hose alone alternatively

free samples available new ring or go online for further details artificial turf for water gardens artificial grass introducing aquagrasstm we’re very excited to bring this new product to your attention artificial turf has been around for many years but recent strides in quality mean that its use in your water garden should be a serious consideration new “aquagrass” makes a great natural-looking lawn or can be used simply as an edging around your pond ƒƒ easy ornamental finishes such as rocks and plants can mean cutting real grass is difficult by a pond ƒƒ tidy grass cuttings and pollen can enter the pond this looks unsightly and can disturb the pond balance ƒƒ attractive aquagrass is ‘4th generation’ featuring multi-colour threads it looks like the real thing easy install straightforward diy job no need for expensive professional installation no need for sand or rubber infill simply clear ground of existing turf and stones lay

filter pumps filter pumps pondxpert supereco pond pumps technology breakthrough brand new filter pumps boasting the latest low wattage motors switch on relax your pump will run 24/7 without a hitch your electricity bill will be smaller rrp our price 16 45-55 £179.99 £89.99 26 60-77 £199.99 £99.99 supereco 6500 38 80-105 £219.99 £109.99 supereco 8000 50 70-140 £259.99 £129.99 supereco 10000 68 90-185 £299.99 £149.99 er pump flow-rate can be turned up or down like a dimmer switch on a light fitting each pump in the range has 23 power settings pond hose size 25-50mm 1 to 2 as well as unique variable flow this product has everything else you would expect from a good filter pump 6mm solids handling low running costs from the latest motor and 12 months guarantee powerful pumps that can be set up to run underwater or dry and handle solids up to 8mm 2500 handles solids up to 6mm and is for submersible use only return warranty card to validate 2500 is 3

box filters vs pressure filters pondxpert multichamber pond filters experienced pondkeepers will tell you that when it comes to filtration then size is important professional multi-bay filters at a highly reasonable price there is a good range of sizes with a solution to most pond requirements each filter box/bay comes complete with gradiated foams filter mat and biomedia the foams sit in cassettes and are very easy to remove simply push the sponges against the grips for easy cleaning complete filtration sets from one of the top names in pondkeeping perfectly matched kit 2 year guarantee with filters 3 year guarantee with pumps half price rrp ƒƒ optimally matched equipment ƒƒ easy-clean filter sponges ƒƒ built-in uvc ƒƒ solids-handling pumps ƒƒ pond hose included ƒƒ built-in thermometer and cleaning indicator biosmart 14000 set r r e vi e ƒƒ 2 x inlet hosetails 20-40mm ƒƒ temperature dial in lid ƒƒ 2 x outlet pipes one 70mm and

new colour choice all eazypods now available in green colour finish too koi filters easypod evolution aqua produce the most modern pond filters on the market today the eazypod has been designed with small koi ponds in mind 10,000 litres 2200 gallons but it’s superior design can also be employed on ornamental/goldfish ponds in this less demanding environment the eazypod can handle up to 20,000 litres 4400 gallons oase biotec filters biosys sets improved design for 2016 high performance filters with ‘screenmatic’ automatic coarse-debris removal not biotec 30 highly effective flow through filtration for medium to large fish and koi ponds note to calculate koi pond capacities simply half the published “pond size” figure dimensions lxwxh old names shown for reference 12 79 x 59 x 45cm 18 79 x 59 x 55 cm 30 120 x 80 x 73cm 36 120 x 80 x 76cm how it works regular running dirty water enters filter and is drawn to the centre of the pod water passes

premium pond vacuums outdoor power management the use of weatherproof outdoor switchboxes mean you just need one cable to your mains supply and your can control your equipment pondside any lengths of exposed outdoor cable should be housed in a metal sheath to prevent accidental breakage • waste water can be diverted any direction even uphill outdoor switchboxes are essential pondkeeping kit these sturdy switchboxes offer a number of outlet options and are easy to wire up max load 1080 watts max load per outlet 360 watts inlet accepts standard outdoor cable rrp £1199.99 our price £599.99 new 98 55 me o pondxpert outdoor switchboxes • 5m suction 10m discharge hose c u st • max suction depth 2.5m ws • integrated discharge pump r r e vi e 3-way rrp £39.99 our price £29.99 pondomac 5 4-way rrp £49.99 our price £34.99 half price rrp 5-way rrp £59.99 our price £44.99 6-way rrp £69.99 our price £49.99 3-way for armoured rrp £59.99 our

pond cleaning tools pondxpert telescopic pruner saw fabulous 3m reach 10’ enabling pruning of tricky to reach pond plants and trees attachable saw blade enables the cutting of thicker vegetation lotus pond waders high quality waterproof waders to keep you clean when you need to maintain your pond new new ƒƒ integral pocket ƒƒ zipped storage bag rrp £49.99 our price £24.99 medium 7-8 rrp £49.99 our price £44.99 large 9-9.5 rrp £49.99 our price £44.99 xlarge 10-11 rrp £49.99 our price £44.99 velda duo pond scissors grabber pondxpert pond maintenance set kit includes a sturdy telescopic aluminium pole and three interchangeable heads the pole extends up to 1.8m 6’ yet the whole kit fits into a small box for easy storage/transportation the tools simply screw onto the end of the pole and include ƒƒ 40cm 16” catching net ƒƒ 35cm 14” round skimming net ƒƒ sturdy pond brush to keep waterfalls and pond edge clean

new ponds any new pond build should be left unstocked until at least six weeks have elapsed in order to allow pure pond pure pond bomb the pond’s natural eco-balance to level beneficial ‘friendly’ bacteria will build up and breakdown any harmful toxins a simple test kit will allow you to take water samples to measure ph 6-8 is ideal 7 perfect ammonia and nitrate pure pond balls are packed full of healthy bacteria in a polymer shell add to your filter system to smooth out any peaks and troughs of the ammonia/nitrite cycle cleverly the healthier your water the longer the balls last 500ml treats 10,000 litres 1 pure pond bomb is a highly concentrated version of the balls simply drop one straight into your pond or filter to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite ws 34 me ws 97 single £14.99 3 pack £39.99 o 18 me r r e vi e o cu ie 00 c u st 500ml £9.99 1000m £18.99 2000ml £29.99 st o 8 v m re er c u st 100 ws water testing

pond plants floating planters this great idea allows marsh plants to be positioned anywhere floating and linkable plant basket as well as looking beautiful aquatic plants play an important part in keeping your pond balanced plants absorb nutrients reduce light levels in the water and produce oxygen plants also provide shelter for fish and natural material on which they might spawn new “fat” kidney baskets planting baskets 37 x 24cm £1.99 £3.99 for 3 3 for 2 100 type w x d cm triple pk single small round 14 dia x 10 £1.99 £0.99 med round 21 dia x 13 £3.49 £1.99 filbert frog’s top tip mini square 11 x 10 £1.99 £0.99 small square 20 x 10 £2.99 £1.49 med square 24 x 15 £3.99 £1.99 large square 29 x 20 £4.99 £2.49 thin kidney 45 x 18 £3.99 £1.99 if you can cover 2/3 of the surface of your pond with floating plants/baskets your pond water will be much easier to manage xlarge square 31 x 25 £6.99 £3.49 lilly basket 40