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stone wall tile 2 x 4 stone wall tile tile patterns using 24 x 24 tiles 98 mm x 82 mm x 30 mm 30 x 30 mm 12 x 12 tiles wall and floor tiles 12 x 12 glass tile ceramic wall and floor sq ft to ft tile for floor and wall in lb to ft lb ft lb to in lb 25 4 x 25 4 x 25 4 swimming pool porcelain tile porcelain floor tiles ceramic floor tile 2 x 2 ceramic floor tile ceramic floor tiles 2 x 6 glazed ceramic wall tile 3 x 6 glazed ceramic wall tile 6 ceramic wall tile ceramic wall tile ceramic wall tiles 6 x 8 ceramic wall tile 6 x 9 ceramic wall tile crystal wall tiles 36 36 porcelain tiles 42 x 42 porcelain tiles white ivory white tiles bathrooms ceramics wall tiles 40 x 40 porcelain tile bathroom wall tiles ceramic tiles floor ceramic tile floor 17 x 17 ceramic tiles epoxy for ceramic tiles 9 14 x 9 14 ceramic tile 30 x 30 ceramic tile mosaic tiles stone and glass 40 x 40 ceramic tile outdoor floor tile ceramic tiles for mosaic 24 x 24 ceramic tiles 2 18 x 2 18 tile floor tiles metallic concrete block wall 12 x 12 floor tile white ceramic wall tile 6 x 8 ceramic wall tile white 60 x 60 cm ceramic floor tiles 4 in ceramic tile 6 x 8 white ceramic wall tile 6 x 6 white ceramic wall tile cleaning cleaning chemicals 18 x 18 white ceramic tile

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profiles decorative profiles crystal collection pearls collection elegance collection gold collection metal collection chrome collection wood collection pro-telo collection 12 20 22 30 32 48 50 51 corner profiles and trims for wall tiles pro-mate 2 pro-mate 3 pro-mate 5 pro-part li pro-part pro-mate 45 pro-corner xlight profiles 54 55 56 57 58 60 62 63 technical profiles pro-t pro-level pro-dilata structural joints pro-step pro-shower pro-balcony pro-sanit pro-flex pro-plint pro-skirting pro-skirting par-ker 66 67 68 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77

pearls collection high-end decorative profile for ceramic wall tiling made with swarovski pearls replaces the traditional decorative ceramic listellos by new design metallic lines pro-part li pearls sw gold 24 carat gold plated profile made with swarovski elements pro-part li pearls sw gold 11x11x2500 mm 7/16”x7/16”x8” b71342632 100155357 b71342628 100155325 pro-part li pearls sw silver chromed brass profile made with swarovski elements pro-part li pearls sw silver 11x11x2500 mm 7/16”x7/16”x8” pro-part li pearls sw silver 20 not recommended for walls in direct contact with water

metal collection metallic finish decorative profiles for ceramic wall tiles it substitutes the traditional ceramic frieze pro-part antique brass profile with metallic covering 8 mm 5/16” decorative trim pro-part antique 8x11x2500 mm 5/16”x7/16”x8” b71342650 100168057 pro-part antique 34

decorative profiles chrome collection chromed brass decorative profile for wall tiles it substitutes the traditional decorative ceramic frieze suitable for trimming corners and transitions between ceramic tiles floor and wall tile floor and wall tile 3 mm 1/8” pro-mate 3 h pro-mate 3 chromed brass kea b71342608 b71133001 b71133002 b71133003 b71133004 sap 100126772 100004951 100004952 100004953 100004954 xlight h mm 6 8 9 10 12.5 h inches 1/4 5/16 3/8 3/8 1/2 5 mm 13/64” pro-mate 5 pro-mate 5 h chromed brass kea b71342611 b71132003 b71132004 b71134004 sap 100126779 100004945 100004946 100004955 xlight h mm 7 9 11 12.5 h inches 1/4 3/8 7/16 1/2 8 mm 5/16” pro-part corner pro-part chromed brass kea b73134001 b73134002 b71342552 b73134003 b73141319 b73134004 b73141312 b73134005 sap 100005368 100005369 100088905 100005370 100097895 100005371 100033129 100005372 xlight porcelanosa shade 1 shade 2 h inches 1/4 3/8 3/8 7/16 7/16 1/2 1/2 11/4 kea b73134301 b73134302

corner profiles and trims for wall tiles corner profiles and trims for wall tiles pro-corner xlight profiles metallic profile for protecting corners corner profiles for wall tiles less than 6 mm thick specially recommended for mosaics and large format and thin ceramic slabs such as xlight right angle metallic profiles for protecting corners most of the pro-corner models are installed after the tile which implies a small lip over the tile surface wall tile corner available in different shapes from right-angled profiles for straight trims to rounded shape profiles decorative use wall tile corner wall tile corner wall tile 2 mm 5/64” h1 pro-corner p pro-corner p pro-mate 2 h2 kea b71342617 aluminium kea b78141126 b78141127 sap 100158001 100158002 high gloss silver h1 mm h2 mm h1 inches h2 inches 15 12 9/16 1/2 15 12 9/16 1/2 sap 100126769 pro-mate 2 stainless steel v2a h mm 6 h inches 1/4 3 mm 1/8” pro-mate 3 profile length 2500 mm 8 feet long kea b71342608 b71342616

technical profiles technical profiles pro-plint pro-skirting metallic skirting for floor tile coverings metallic skirting for floor tile coverings metallic profiles for skirtings they have a high mechanical resistance with a functional modern design specially recommended for office floors and raised access floors metal profiles in five finishes and straight trims they replace traditional ceramic skirting specially recommended for shops and public buildings floor skirting floor skirting floor skirting 10 mm pro-plint stainless steel pro-plint h sap 100005635 100005636 pro-skirting chromed aluminum stainless steel kea b79141001 b79141002 h pro-skirting gloss brushed h mm 80 80 h inches 3 3 kea b79141522 sap 100120374 profile length 2500 mm 8 feet long chromed aluminum corner h mm 60 h inches 2 3/8 h mm 60 h inches 2 3/8 h mm 60 h inches 2 3/8 white lacquered aluminum pro-plint aluminum pro-plint anodized aluminum kea b79141508 sap 100073104 silver h mm 80 h inches 3 sap 100073109

cement-based materials for tile joints colorstuk 0-4 bath environments unsanded grout colorstuk 0-4 is a type cg 2 fine grain grouting material as per en 13888 for grouting joints up to 4 mm it is easy to apply resistant and colour stable and it is specially recommended for rectified tiles a high-tech fine grained colored mortar for grouting tile joints from 0 to 4 mm · 3/16” suitable for all kinds of ceramic tiles and natural stone indoors and outdoors glass mosaic colorstuk 0-4 rectified ceramics indoors high traffic pools features recommended use • • • • • • • tile joints up to 4 mm · 3/16” • indoor wall tile coverings specially recommended for rectified tiles • indoor floor tiles including public buildings in the following applications replace mixing water by cl-stuk additive • outdoor floors • high traffic floor tiles • floor tiles on radiant heating • pools and damp environments

leveling system for ceramic tiles self-leveling spacers leveling system for ceramic tiles eases ceramic tile laying and guarantees a perfectly flat surface of the final installation the system consists of a new type of spacer with adjustable height that levels the surrounding tiles and prevents them from moving specially recommended when tile design or use features demand a perfect finish with an even seamless surface large format floors urbatek self-leveling spacers features recommended use • • • guarantees tiles are even prevents tiles from moving due to laying errors or due to mortar setting reduces retouching and laying times • • • • suitable for 1,5-3 mm · 1/32” 1/8” wide joints suitable for tiles 5 to 16 mm · 3/16” to 5/8” thick the system consists of a spacer a wedge and an adjusting tool wedges are recoverable only the spacers are consumed • • • • • • coverage tile size

cleaning products acid net pro acid net pro is an acid detergent for cleaning ceramic floor and wall tiles specially recommended for cleaning building debris indoor and outdoor use it is an acid solution that in contact with cement reacts and removes dirt or stains without damaging coverings or cement based joints like colorstuk suitable for removing saltpetre remains or dirt sensible to acid attack building site cleaning wall tile acid net pro floor tile features recommended use • • • • • • • acid solution colorless liquid ph 0.1 viscosity 5.0 8.0 cp at 20ºc recommended action time 10-15 min • • • floor tile porcelain tile natural special glazes building site final cleaning cleaning of remains of adhesives and cement-based grouting materials in floor and wall tiles cleaning of efflorescences and salts remains cleaning of lime remains and film cleaning of glazed substrates prior to laying new tiles materials coverage

raised floors 132 raised access flooring raised access flooring 134 raised access flooring for exteriors raised access flooring for exteriors

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