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8 36 40 50 68 76 projects ventilated façade tiles for ventilated façades façade renovation technical details ventilated façade  xlight porcelain tile ventilated

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ventilated façade energy savings and sustainable development the façade is both the image of the building and the envelope that protects it from the elements thanks to its special features the ston-ker® ventilated façade provides buildings with a wide range of technical and aesthetics benefits considerable improvements in the thermal behaviour of the façade by increasing the thermal resistance of the envelope or overall improvement in the performance of the façade as well as many other benefits • 1 4 5 • • 3 2 6 ventilated façade system with visible fixing clips 1 4 5 • 3 2 6 ventilated façade system with concealed fixing clips aesthetics and durability colours formats stability resistance anti-graffiti hygiene water-tightness porcelanosa grupo is at the forefront in terms of production research and development and technical innovation in the porcelain tile sector the group offers hi-tech products with excellent technical and aesthetic

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ventilated facades xlight the substructure’s anchoring system depends on the type of substrate used in the project the site management and the installing company shall be in charge of this xlight is a new type of extremely thin large format porcelain tile which is achieved thanks to the use of the latest technological advances in ceramic production anchoring system this material’s technical features make xlight the perfect ally for achieving fully integrated designs allowing for the creation of facades of great beauty thanks to the collaboration of several companies from porcelanosa group mechanical anchors clips for mechanical anchoring as per dit 530/11 design11 manufactured in aisi 304 stainless steel and 3/64” ± 15 general thickness they can be supplied lacquered in the ral color that the customer needs there is a wide range of different clips available which adapt to all facade anchoring needs it is available in two 1/8” thick formats 118-7/64 x

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vf-stone system butech porcelanosa and show their most exclusive ventilated façade system vf-stone a ventilated façade clad in natural stone offers a touch of distinction and natural warmth that other materials simply cannot achieve these types of stone granite marble slate etc have been used by man throughout history to adorn their finest architecture they are exclusive products conceived to stand out from all the rest stone-clad ventilated façades offer all the advantages of natural stone combined with reduced production and installation costs they also offer all the benefits of a ventilated façade energy efficiency insulating the building from cold in winter thanks to the air cavity between the façade and building sound insulation insulation from damp and savings on maintenance costs added to all this stone is a timeless material natural materials benefit from the fact that they never become out of date a stone-clad ventilated façade lasts a lifetime exclusive

bonded façade concealed fixings bonded facade ston-ker bonded façades merge the beauty of a high-quality porcelain tile finish with other important aspects such as its lightweight superior resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents innovative design and durability the ston-ker bonded façade system which has already made its mark as an exterior cladding system looks set to revolutionize façades for a long time in the future advantages the ston-ker bonded façade system offers the following advantages over other bonded façade systems • • • • • • • • greater resistance to damp greater resistance to atmospheric agents greater resistance to water greater versatility in terms of tile size and arrangements no colour loss on façade lightweight structure minimum maintenance anti-graffiti and self-cleaning properties innovative concealed fixing clip for porcelain tiles in bonded facades the fixings fit within small slots

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