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characteristics characteristics a trend-setting futuristic material 1 commercial and residential use 2 hygenic and anti-bacterial 3 conceived to offer a variety of different applications krion® is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications it is the perfect surface material selection for your home or office krion® is a non-porous material making it the ideal surface for use in your home it’s low level voc emissions anti-bacterial properties and ease of maintenance ensure a safe household environment for you and your family eco-friendly krion® is an environmentally-friendly material made of two-thirds natural minerals it does not release any volatile organic compounds and it can easily be repaired and restored to its original appearance a long-lasting material 4 because it is primarily formulated with natural minerals and a low percentage of high-performance resins krion® is unique due to its resistant long lasting easily repairable easy to clean low

colors colors snow series mainly composed of minerals with a small percentage of high-quality acrylic resins the snow white krion® finish completes the range of colors in the krion® series snow white makes krion® the ideal solution to adapt to any design project along with the rest of the krion® colors and formats it stands out for its additive-free anti-bacterial qualities resistance easy-clean finish and easily repaired nature 1101 snow white shown krion® 1101 snow white 16

colors colors nature series the colors in the krion® nature series have a natural appearance reflecting nature in its pure state the composition of the nature series includes a high degree of recycled krion® along with the goals of achieving eco-friendly designs and the advancement of sustainable technology that krion® is known for 0101 white nature 0102 clear nature 0103 day nature 0501 dune nature 0502 camel nature 0503 earth nature 0504 marfil nature 0901 grey nature 0902 ash nature 0903 night nature shown krion® 0902 ash nature 24

colors colors snow series stars series 1101 snow white 7101 white star colors series royal series 6101 frost white 6501 cream 6502 pearl 6503 ground 6504 mocha 6601 fall green 6701 blue sky 6902 light grey 8101 crystal white 7102 titanium star 7901 black star 7902 grey star 8102 soring pearl 8501 brownite 8502 goby brown 8503 fossil forest 8901 crystal black 8902 night 8903 grey granite 9504 africa 9505 cream concrete royal series 6903 grey colors series 6201 imperial yellow 6301 fruit 6401 red fire 6405 happy red 6505 taupe 6507 earth 6704 navy blue 6901 black metal 9101 crystal white 9102 polar stone 9103 bright rock 9501 brownite 9502 goby brown 9503 sweet rock 9506 mocha concrete 9507 taupe concrete 9901 crystal black 9902 moon 9903 deep granite 9904 bright concrete l902 erice l501 pompei luxury series 6904 bright 6905 ash grey light series 4102 extreme light l503 siracusa 4201 yellow light 4401 pink light 4601 green light l901 segesta 4701 blue light krion® has many

applications applications design only a material like krion® makes the process of turning ideas into reality successful krion® can be formed into any shape and color to fit into your project’s design 42

applications applications restaurants and catering the comfort and warmth of krion® make it an ideal material for use in interior design projects for the catering sector it is particularly suitable for use in restaurants as it is easy to clean and only requires minimum maintenance its durability the possibility of shaping it to obtain any type of design and its antibacterial qualities mean that krion® can be used for practically any type of application 52

applications projects

projects projects radisson blu hotel location bloomington minnesota usa ground-breaking design by graven images has utilized porcelanosa’s next generation solid surface krion® material to create geometric forms joined together creating a design reminiscent of blocks of ice in their lobby this futuristic design is also reflected in the room leading to the cocktail bar and restaurant which is covered with triangular krion® panels forming a geometric structure light in the room is projected onto the panels creating a modern lighting effect 70

projects projects noah bank location flushing new york usa studio meta design group along with custom counters by precision designed and fabricated a 270 sqft custom countertop for noah bank using porcelanosa’s solid surface material krion® the custom countertop was designed to fit and follow the unusual shape of the space while remaining seamless 78

sinks basins kitchen basic series kitchen snow white 1100 11 13 /16” x 11 13 bc c 607 /16” bc l 601 15 3/4” x 15 3/4” bc l 801 15 3/4” x 15 3/4” 15 3/4” 11 13/16” 3 3/8” 6 7/8” /16” x 15 3/4” 7 1/8” 15 3/4” Ø3 9/16” Ø3 9/16” 11 13/16” 4 /8 3 ” Ø3 9/16” length 11 13/16” width 11 13/16” deep 6 7/8 bc c 827 13 7/16” x 15 3/4” drain 3 9/16” length 15 3/4” bc c 829 width 15 3/4” deep 7 1/8” length 15 3/4” width 15 3/4” deep 11 drain 3 9/16” 13 length 21 /16” drain 3 9/16” 27 9/16” x 15 3/4” 13 7/16” 27 9/16” 3 15 ” 16 6 3/4” 3 15/16” 6 3/4” 15 /4 ” Ø3 9 15 3/4” ” 16 Ø3 9/16” length 15 3/4” width 13 7/16” deep 6 3/4” drain 3 9/16” length

2015 porcelanosa s.a reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue certain models displayed in this catalog the colors of pieces displayed herein may differ slightly from originals the settings shown in this catalog are design proposals for advertising purposes in real situations in which the tiles are laid the installation instructions published by porcelanosa should be followed 2015 porcelanosa the contents of this catalog are protected by virtue of the spanish intellectual property act royal legislative decree 1/1996 the partial or total reproduction of this catalog without the express authorization of porcelanosa is punishable under the spanish criminal code porcelanosa usa corporate headquarters 600 route 17 north ramsey nj 07446 phone