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a wider range a deeper connection the cayenne models take a look at the cayenne model range and you will see the porsche principle of engineering evolution executed in steel aluminum and leather each example of the new cayenne advances its own variation of a thesis first established by the original cayenne that the utility of an suv can coexist with the performance of a porsche sports car the cayenne now comes in a wider choice of models including the new cayenne s hybrid all of these new cayenne models benefit from the use of lightweight material and technical innovation designed to achieve a more dynamic more comfortable and more efficient porsche the new cayenne s hybrid uses a parallel full hybrid system p 14 to harness the fuel-saving synergies of a compact electric motor assisting the powerful supercharged v6 engine the new cayenne and new cayenne s are now more powerful and fuel-efficient while also delivering exceptional offroad capability this has been achieved through the

how could we make the new cayenne more powerful and yet at the same time more efficient where should we start how about 1948 when the porsche concept of maximum power with minimum weight first took

air-intake system the cayenne models are all equipped with a resonance airintake system this technology uses the pressure waves generated by the inlet valves to force air into the engine the effect is enhanced in the new cayenne and new cayenne s by a two-stage intake manifold this variable geometry combines all the benefits of a long intake tube higher torque at low rpm with those of a shorter length more power at higher rpm the effect is literally breathtaking with highly impressive torque ratings achieved across the entire engine speed range turbocharging system in the new cayenne turbo in the new cayenne turbo the engine is assisted by twin turbochargers arranged in parallel one for each bank of cylinders incoming air is passed through a filter and compressed by the turbine units its temperature is then reduced in the twin intercooler system which improves cylinder charging and limits thermal loads on the engine supercharging system in the new cayenne s hybrid the 3.0-liter v6

have you got a rough idea of smooth performance let us show you more 6 loading level 2.05 in below normal level max ground clearance 6.22 in cayenne turbo 6.41 in only selectable when vehicle is stationary air suspension with pasm standard on the cayenne turbo optional for all other cayenne models porsche dynamic chassis control pdcc available as an option in conjunction with air suspension porsche dynamic chassis control pdcc is an active anti-roll system that further enhances the extraordinary roadholding and precision handling of the new cayenne models pdcc anticipates and significantly reduces lateral body movement when the vehicle is cornering this is achieved with the aid of the active anti-roll bars featuring hydraulic swivel motors on the front and rear axles the system responds to the current steering angle and lateral acceleration by producing a stabilizing force that counteracts the swaying force of the body the benefits are greater agility at every speed more responsive

recuperation the electronic engine management system on the new cayenne s hybrid controls the braking process so that when the brake pedal is actuated as much expended energy as possible can be harnessed by the electric motor generator mode and stored in the 288-volt nickel-metal hydride nimh battery this is referred to as recuperation to do this the engine management system adjusts the generator current depending on the brake pedal position recovers as much of the kinetic energy as possible and stores it in the battery when the pressure on the brake pedal exceeds a certain threshold the brakes are applied porsche ceramic composite brake pccb available as an option on all new cayenne models the porsche ceramic composite brake pccb has already proven its ability to cope with the harshest requirements of the racetrack it is available in conjunction with 20-inch wheels or larger for the cayenne turbo and with 19-inch wheels or larger for all other cayenne models the cross-drilled discs

com fort and tran spo rt comfort starts with confidence confidence is bred by design ergonomic efficiency to create an opportunity for you to lean back and enjoy a familiar environment just like the new cayenne

sweet as it is you may occasionally prefer the sound of something besides the engine cdr-31 audio system the new cayenne models offer the highest levels of audio engineering the cdr-31 audio system has a seven-inch color touchscreen display which enables you to navigate and select the main menus and functions with ease and efficiency the integrated cd radio featuring an fm dual tuner 30 memory presets dynamic autostore and speed-sensitive volume control includes a sound system with 10 loudspeakers and a total audio output of 100 watts standard on the cayenne cayenne s and cayenne s hybrid the cdr-31 can also be combined with the optional bose ® surround sound system p 82 or burmester ® high-end surround sound system p 84 for the ultimate in audio performance porsche communication management pcm with navigation module powerful and versatile yet easy to use the pcm is the central control system for all information and communication functions porsche communication management pcm with

explore the world in every direction electric slide/tilt moonroof the electric slide/tilt moonroof is made from tinted single-pane safety glass and features a manually adjustable sunscreen and remote closing function it is operated using a control located on the roof console as with all electric windows an anti-jam feature is included for added safety standard on the cayenne s cayenne s hybrid and cayenne turbo optional for the cayenne panoramic roof system with a total surface area of more than 15 square feet the panoramic roof system is almost four times as large as the optional slide/tilt moonroof it consists of two glass segments even when closed it provides a unique open-top driving experience the panoramic view can be enjoyed from all seat positions in every type of weather the forward segment can be fully opened or tilted upward an additional sunscreen protects the interior against direct sunlight optional for all cayenne models electric slide/tilt moonroof panoramic roof

cayenne s hybrid cayenne s hybrid cayenne turbo option code page option cayenne turbo cayenne s cayenne s cayenne cayenne code page exterior · metallic paint · special colors1 · running boards1 · wheel arch extensions in black with side-door protection moldings · stainless steel skid plate front · stainless steel skid plates front and rear · thermally and noise-insulated laminated glass · privacy glass · heated windshield · electric slide/tilt glass moonroof · panoramic roof system1 · roof rails/drip rails with matte aluminum-look finish required for fitment of roof transport system not available as a retrofit through porsche tequipment · roof rails/drip rails with black finish1 required for fitment of roof transport system not available as a retrofit through porsche tequipment · roof rails/drip rails with matte aluminum-look finish incl roof transport system · roof rails/drip rails with black finish incl roof transport system1 exterior · · · · · · · · · · ·

when designing the new cayenne we decided to make it different and therefore more porsche than ever to the point the new cayenne

interior packages solid exterior colors metallic exterior colors special exterior colors walnut1 2 3 natural olive 1 2 4 brushed aluminum black classic silver metallic meteor grey metallic auburn metallic2 anthracite birch 2 3 carbon fiber 3 4 monochrome black high-gloss sand white jet black metallic umber metallic1 sand yellow2 dark blue metallic 1 jet green metallic amethyst metallic2 introduction planned for 05/2010 color and grain may vary also available on steering wheel 4 ash wood in grain olive 5 introduction planned for 08/2010 1 2 3 1 2 introduction planned for 05/2010 introduction planned for 08/2010 165 · personalization personalization ·