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at porsche we prefer to lead by example the 911 turbo given that the starting point is the how do you in other words evolve considerations the sound of the engine but the reward for following a highly most recent 911 turbo how do the legendary 911 turbo and the support of the seats the feeling of disciplined process is unquestionable you make a new 911 turbo that enhance its capabilities—without confidence and control that results from with each successive 911 turbo performs at an even higher level diluting its essential character a total synergy between car and driver porsche engineers have demonstrated how do you make its engine produce it’s a daunting challenge yet it’s a process that requires above all more power with less fuel its one porsche engineers confront patience a new technology may take transmission shift more seamlessly with clear-eyed goals and race time to translate its advantages to meet and the new 911 turbo is no exception its suspension

somehow porsche engineers always find a higher level of performance the new 911 turbo s good enough is simply not in the dna witness the new 911 turbo s its 3.8-liter in the new 911 turbo s power is the 911 turbo s also deploys the new of a porsche engineer there is always 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine delivers transmitted by the 7-speed porsche rear-axle steering this combines the more performance to be found more 560 horsepower between 6500 and doppelkupplung pdk to the active exceptional agility expected of a high boost to be dialed up another plateau 6750 rpm—that’s 40 horsepower more all-wheel-drive porsche traction performance sports car with the driving of driving precision to be discovered than on the new 911 turbo the maximum management ptm the sport ease that allows the new 911 turbo torque is 553 lb ft with overboost a chrono package includes dynamic owner to enjoy everyday practicality and when those objectives function of the standard sport chrono

the essential ingredients are familiar yet transformation is phenomenal engine the new 911 turbo engine adheres but what ultimately transforms a porsche torque between 1950 and 5000 rpm this is efficient performance thanks to proven porsche principles rear into a 911 turbo are its two exhaust and briefly up to 524 lb ft with the to intelligent innovations that keep mounted with six cylinders and a total driven turbochargers together with overboost function that comes with the vehicle weight low and make displacement of 3.8 liters and the variable turbine geometry vtg the the optional sport chrono package optimal use of fuel these include new cylinders placed horizontally in two intake manifold and variocam plus opposite rows—what’s referred to as the forced induction of compressed the 911 turbo s models have thermal management electrical system a “flat-six” arrangement it does not air into the cylinders creates stunning 560 horsepower available between

­porsche traction management ptm placed on the gearbox have several the status of the vehicle is continuously the optimal level of drive power is enhanced porsche traction management advantages when you first start your monitored so that it is possible to respond distributed to the front wheels to help ptm with water-cooled front-axle 911 turbo the water ensures that the to different driving situations sensors are ensure excellent lateral stability gearbox is standard in all of the new gearbox warms up more quickly—and used to collect a range of data including 911 turbo models it is an active all reaches its optimal temperature sooner the rotational speed of all four wheels in conjunction with porsche stability the lateral and longitudinal acceleration of management psm ptm helps to the car and the current steering angle ensure the perfect distribution of drive wheel-drive system with an electronically variable map-controlled multiplate and during the drive itself the heat

rear-axle steering at speeds of up to 31 mph the system between 31 and 50 mph the porsche engineers have always factored steers the rear wheels in the opposite steering direction is constantly in the positive effect of passive rear direction to that of the front wheels changing depending on the driving wheel steering—the slight articulation conditions thanks to the excellent of the rear wheels to “toe in” or “toe this has the virtual effect of shortening stabilizing properties of rear-axle out” when cornering thanks to the new the wheelbase the turning circle steering it has also been possible rear-axle steering that’s standard on all is reduced steering into corners to make the steering ratio on the new 911 turbo models that effect is no becomes much more dynamic and front axle more direct around the longer passive two electromechanical parking is noticeably easier central position the advantage is actuators located on the rear axle 1 greater

a performance isn’t finished until it comes to a complete stop brakes why has porsche always viewed braking in the new 911 turbo and the new the brake discs are cross-drilled for performance with the same enthusiasm 911 turbo cabriolet the brake better performance in wet conditions we share for our engines and chassis specification is suited to the demands perhaps it is because we think of braking of high performance the brake disc other benefits of the braking system as negative acceleration for us braking diameter is 380 mm front and rear include the anti-lock brake system response and the stopping distances grabbing hold of the front discs are abs designed to minimize brake fade achieved by the new 911 turbo models powerful 6-piston aluminum monobloc and keep braking response constant should be every bit as breathtaking as fixed calipers finished in red at the pedal effort is reduced and braking our throttle response and acceleration rear 4-piston aluminum monobloc fixed

personality porsche engineers have given the new 911 turbo its essential character but there’s ample opportunity for porsche owners to further define the personality of their new 911 from the exterior color choice to a wide range of features that individualize the interior you can make the model you select a precise expression of your personality 71

powerful functional and easy to use isn’t that how everything in a porsche is supposed to be audio and communication ­porsche communication management pcm including navigation module the screen display is very clearly the standard universal audio interface to choose between a 2-d display and presented radio functions include aux usb port in the glove compartment a 3-d perspective in some regions it up to 42 memory presets and an fm enables you to connect your ipod ® or is possible to display the terrain with porsche communication management twin-tuner frequency diversity with any audio source recharging is also a superimposed satellite map and pcm is standard equipment in the rds which continuously scans in supported once connected your buildings in 3-d split-screen mode new 911 turbo models pcm is your the background for the best signal ipod ® or usb stick is then conveniently enables you to view two functions at and safely operated via the pcm the once such as the

standard interior colors standard interior colors leather special interior colors leather.  black luxor beige platinum grey yachting blue black and carrera red1 agate grey yachting blue carrera red agate grey yachting blue carrera red agate grey black black agate grey carpet carpet black luxor beige platinum grey floor mats floor mats black luxor beige platinum grey roof liner roof liner black luxor beige platinum grey for 911 turbo s only 1 93 personality | personalization

­­porsche car configurator european delivery create your own identity the first time that you drive your new and precision goes into everything we you can visit the porsche museum to our instructors hone your skills on-road porsche will be a truly special moment do you can then take time to reflect on experience and learn about every aspect on the fia-certified test circuit or off nevertheless you can make it even your experience over a leisurely lunch of the porsche marque with legendary road in a porsche off-roader on our very taste personality style you decide more special with porsche european and look forward to the high point of the models from a sports car history own off-road track how to refine the 911 carrera to your delivery come and collect your porsche day taking delivery of your porsche our spanning over 60 years personal preference with the porsche in stuttgart-zuffenhausen or leipzig and specialists will take their time to explain car configurator you can see the

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